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For a member that has passed on (dror and friends peek if you like)

I was told some sad news and while this isn’t much. Dror I dedicated this small loop I did to your friend. Wanted to add this since you used to sing to her. I crack glass if I sing but I have very dancy fingers.


And I was looking to share something personal from me. I wrote this short piece with a mic near my piano at the time. So forgive the bad audio this was many years ago.



My condolences.


Almost same bit but added some musical changes and adjusted some. It needs some audio mastering but wanting to share for this. I never knew her but from what I read I really wish I had. She is never gone or forgotten. And my prayers to the friends and family.


God bless you all.


Gone far too soon.


R.I.P. Killa, you will be missed and may god take you home now. :pray:


Killa you are missed soooo much @}-;--------

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I would LOVE to see a tribute to our friend killa as this game was her escape and she loved to play… as a suggestion killa’s escape would be an awesome card name… im not too sure where to suggest this


I suggested a card with a flavour text ‘This one’s for Killa’ but i’m not sure if it’s appropriate.
I think it would be nice tbh. Her bro is playing in her memory at the moment.


I agree, killa definitely loved to play!

And I knew killa for a bit so I’d just like to send my regards to her family and friends and some prayers their ways.

I’d like her special to be this ;

Gone but not forgotten
Explode all gems and 40 damage to all troops, refill all allied mana and gain extra turn.

Power creep? I smell a buff coming too, not a nerf!!!

Rip killa we’ll be missing you!!!


Totally a typo loved to play is what was meant to be said

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Oh ok, I see now. And I see you are new to forums as well. Welcome and also you can edit any post you make with the little pencil and much more.
Sorry if I came off rude. Not my intentions.

I went back and edited mine so it is correct.

Thank you santandrix i apperciate the tip. You did not come off as rude.

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