Shhhhhh! Don’t tell Lyya! 🤫

Well, the time has come for me to finish my tribute to our latest moderator: @lyya!

I will be doing so with a brand new Tunes of War Parody and I need YOUR help!

Please share here any way that lyya has helped you as a newbie or as a Vet, give me anecdotes to weave into my parody, any and all stories are welcome. Funny, serious, sad, I want them all.

Thanks in advance for your contributions!!!

And remember: Shhhhhh! Don’t tell @Lyya!!! :sushing_face:


There is hardly a week which my vocabulary is not improved by reading her posts.

She is one of the few people here that never changed avatars since… ever (?)…
(Jainus, Shimra, Riversong, Ozzball, Tacet, Studs and Sirrian too. Ashasekayi and Maxx keep the “Cat theme” going on.)


Am sure I saw her lose her temper once… but can’t remember when and where that was…


If robots could learn how to love, nothing would ever get done by them because they’d all be too busy fighting for her affection.


I have it on good authority that she’s a

But her sense of humor needs work.


Lyya is the most helpful, knowledgeable, and communicative member of the dev team specializing in providing useful information and tools to the community.

What’s that? She’s not an employee of infinity plus 2? Those people ought to pay her for the invaluable work she does for members of the community. Without her, I wouldn’t be able to confirm that I am leagues away from being in the top 50 players in the game. Without her, I’d have to wonder what traitstones we’re needed for troops before I started traiting them. Without her, I wouldn’t be able to budget my glory purchases carefully and efficiently each week. Without her, I’d struggle to easily sort the troops in the game any way I please. Oh, did I mention she also has great team ideas that she shares freely with the community. Definitely MVP material!


I for one think it’s awesome she codes and creates tools. And she doesn’t back down to any guy here. No mansplaning to her!


Never spoke to her or anything, but she seems really friendly and helpful.

EDIT: Wrong, she helped me out when i asked what traitstones The Worldbreaker would require. So now i find her even more friendly and helpful.

So says Krang


She rock!!! Completely deserve the mod title she got recently.

It’s not complicate, if salty wasn’t there it’s @Lyya i would want to marry lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Even when slightly frustrated (which doesn’t happen often), she remains calm, cool and collected. However, should you be foolish enough to cross her, she can eviscerate you with one well-chosen phrase that may, perhaps, allow you to limp from the field of battle, wounded but wiser. She also has the best sense of humor since Groucho Marx.


Second best, I heard. cough

Consistent conveyor of bons mots, les mots justes, and les bons mots justes.

My favorite recent one was her referring to Erinyes’ trait as “metal as ****.” That one had me chuckling for a while.

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Oh my gosh golly gee whiz! Who could possibly be first? :smile:

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TOTALLY unrelated, but I once saw her skewer an endangered rhino. It was awe-inspiring.


She’s helped me feel like turning crazy, imagining things - then making me dig in history, usually proving myself I was right and wasn’t imagining things after all :sweat_smile:

Lya is always on the ball - she’s first in before all. With a response or a concise comment she’s got your back, sometimes even before the Dev Team does (but we promise we don’t Slack!). Lyya is fast, authoritative, vivacious and kind, she’s got the community on her mind :raised_hands:


@Lyya is the chuck noriss of gow forums,

there was a rumor that she is actually an artificial being but she beeped that rumor out


Thank you all so much for sharing! I will be pulling some ideas from this to sculpt my parody. More stories are welcome. I know we all have so much :heart: to shower on @Lyya, we might as well leave this thread open! :wink:

Lyya actually updates her site before the Devs have even dreamt the new troop up.

The is so useful that it has more users than GOW itself.

When I was in school, we had a reformed internet troll come and talk to our class about the dangers of getting angry online. He turned his life around after Lyya pointed out the error of his ways on this very forum.

Lyya is so good at teambuilding that she actually invented every meta team GOW has ever seen, and she’s so helpful that she also invented every counter.

IP2 offered Lyya $1m to join their staff, but she turned it down and continues to help them anyway.

Lyya’s lexicon is so vast that the Oxford English Dictionary consults with her on the definition of lesser-known words.

Lyya’s put-downs are so scathing that when she entered a smack-talk competition she made all the other competitors cry before they even got on stage.

Lyya is such a national treasure that Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton both tried to recruit her for their campaigns.

Lyya’s cooking is so great that Gordon Ramsay tried to sue her (before she put him in his place).


Whenever I see her name, this clip immediately springs to mind:

It’s the sound of it - not an implication that she prevaricates.