Voice of Orpheus x3

Because of this weeks event, I now am the proud(?) owner of 3 Voice of Orpheus’s, Orpheus’, Orphei? Ah, whatever.

Can anyone think of any fun / interesting teams to use 3 of them in? Was thinking 3x Voice and Ishbala, but really could use a mana generator off the bat, I feel. Would be neat if the Voices could loop into themselves with filling mana somehow.

Just sucks because the only other Mythic I have multiples of is Pharos (who you might actually WANT multiples of) and I just so happened to use all my luck pulling this somewhat-of-a-turd and would like to know if theres anything interesting that can be done with it, hah.


You could put DI up front, but it’s still a pretty weird deck. If your fourth troop required 15 or fewer mana (e.g., Alchemist to feed them), the Voices could refill it, but that’s a lot of mana to get to fill the Voices.

Personally, I can’t see a good use case for more than two, and even for that, there are better troops to use.

Hmmm… good point on the 4th troop.

Is there a good mana generator, converter, exploder that’s less than 15 and does NOT use Voices’ colors, but producers voices mana?

Might be able to make something work with that by putting the generator in the last slot.

Giant Spider, Captain Skullbeard, Desert Troll. The reason I recommended Alchemist is because yellow.

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Actually…Queen Ysabelle. She costs 15, uses blue green, and gives 3-8. There’s a chance she would refill a Voice entirely for chain casting (if she gave 7 or 8).

EDIT: No she won’t. Forgot that each Voice does not give itself mana.

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Thanks! Will need to play around with a couple of these!

If we assume Voice of Orpheus is conjugated in Greek like “octopus”, the plural would be “Orphopoedei”. Just saying.

But I prefer using “Orpheu” as the singular and “Orpheus” as plural, even though it’s in violation of basically all grammatical rules.


If we are getting totally pedantic about this, isn’t the proper plural just Voices of Orpheus?


That’s what I was going to say

How about the monkey disciple? People in my guild are having a lot of success with him. Unfortunately when i use him i usually just hand the ai an extra turn. It’s a shame VoO shares colors with infernus, i’m really trying to do something with him too but every team i put him in infernus does better. Good luck!

Nice work! I am sure Salty would appreciate having multiple hot dudes around

You know me too well Cyrup. Please post screenshots of your Orpheus team for science…


Short answer: no.
Long answer: noooooo.


Look I know it’s tricky but you can’t blame the guy. I still pretend that there is a way to do a viable team with 3x penglongs.

Better off with three Queen Auroras. Now there’s some crazy stuff to do with that lol…

No. One is all you need. Sorry.
I might have just thought of a decent 3x gard’s avatar team though.
Divine ishbaala
3 Gard’s
Shentang banner

I wonder how well a Dwarven Gate would work in there. Once that team manages to get rolling it shouldn’t really need any more gem matches.

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Yeah, Voice of Orpheus is a support Mythic. It’s good that he also do damage, but it’s not enough to use him as main damage dealers, let alone all 3. Only support Mythics that might work is Queen Aurora, like Shimrra said.

Emperor Liang with 3x Penglong might actually be a good team. All 3 troops with AoE, boosted by one insane support that give lives/magics/enchant, on top of possible looping with leftover yellow mana. Might be a bit slow, but as long as EL is alive, the whole team can keep going strong. Don’t set it as defense though, AI will use EL wrongly all the time…