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Flashing yellow exclamation point for uncollected guild seals

I know the problem of uncollected Guild seals has been covered quite thoroughly. However, if it’s easier to implement, could we have a flashing yellow exclamation point on the guild button in the main map for uncollected seals? Also, could we have a flashing yellow exclamation point on the seals tab in the guild menu? This would encourage Guild members to collect their seals but would not cause too much of a burden the servers.

I should note that uncollected guild seals are a problem in mid tier guilds with active players who don’t speak English or frequent the forums.


+1 to this, which I suggested too in the 2.1 thread…

Is the big@$$ button labelled “Claim” really that hard to miss?

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Apparently. I have two non-English-speaking speaking guild members who played actively this week but have collected 0 guild seals.

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I added this to my Quality of Life list :slight_smile:

@ Studs

Oh please NO! No more flashing exclamation points. It is seriously annoying. Can we compromise? Let it flash for 1 minute then remain there but stop the darn pulsing? I’ll open or get to it in my own time. I’ll see the the notice just stop the aggravating flashing!
Ok deep breath…


I absolutely hate stuff like this. I don’t want it on my chat (as some have requested), and I don’t want it on my guild icon. I don’t want notification on my chest icon (that shows how many chests you have) but I have to put up with that. (Thanks for reminding me how many chests I have but cannot spend because you have to wait for a very specific time!)

Please no more! We shouldn’t need our hands held like that.

If there must be some kind of notification annoyance, please give the option to turn it off. And don’t bring it to the main menu. Keep it on the guild menu, please


In general I’d support having these exclamation mark notifications to draw attention to stuff that needs clicking… In this case though, surely we should just have the seals collect automatically… I’m guessing it’s technical rather than design reasons that put us in the current position… Seals arrive in many diverse ways and also the after-battle screen doesn’t have room for them, so I guess it didn’t make the update cut for being too hard to consistently do in the UI… Shame, as the need to click them seems deeply pointless…

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Supposedly the reason they aren’t claimed automatically is because it would be a disproportionate burden on the servers. It’s not as simple as other resources because of the caps, so that’s a few more server requests. For each drop event, it probably needs to check both the personal and guild caps, then add the appropriate amount to each. So that’s four additional requests for each activity completion. The current system just requires logging the activity, which they were already doing anyway, and doesn’t have to worry about caps until you hit the claim button.

Auto collect seals when tribute is collected. No spamming server like auto collect would.