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A little exclamation mark in the chat icon

It would be fun if a little blinking exclamation mark would appear in the chat icon upper right whenever someone has said something or replied you. then you doesnt have to use energy on checking it without knowing someone said/replied something or not.

Eika :slight_smile:


While this would be nice and something I’ve wanted for awhile (among other chat enhancements), in my opinion (for whatever that’s worth lol) chat needs to be fixed before they add new features, unfortunately. For many of the mobile users in my guild, myself included, chat is incredibly buggy. Some of the bugs that happen all too frequently:

  • Chat stops showing new messages until the game is completely restarted
  • Random messages go missing sometimes returning when the game is restarted; sometimes they disappear forever
  • The profanity filter…this could be its own list lol

I wouldn’t want that, personally.
It would draw my attention and distract me from my game.

It already drives me crazy seeing how many chests I have from the main menu. It makes saving chests hard because I have the undeniable urge to open them :stuck_out_tongue: out of sight out of mind