(Fixed) ToD Fight in Challenges

Latest version of iOS

Want to do a Tower of Doom fight without consuming Sigils? Well, now you can!

By doing this: Guild > ToD > Fight > (Stage Select) > Fight > To Battle > Fight > Go to Shop (assuming you have no Sigils) > (Close Shop) > (Kingdom Select) > Challenges > (Challenge Select) you are able to fight a ToD room using troops of any color.

Completing the room using this method does not count as clearing it in ToD; it does not consume Sigils, clear the room, give scrolls, give Boons, etc. Rather, it counts as completing the current Challenge.

I have not tested this with any other battle type besides Challenges. The bug can be fixed be closing the app and re-opening it.

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Good find, it seems to offer yet another way to inject teams into other game modes.

@Cyrup @Kafka I suspect you may want to apply the invisibility cloak to this one.


What I hope is that those who are exploiting this fault will be banned. The first time is unknowingly, the second is to check it, the third you know is wrong. So I hope you have the same hard hand

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I thought this :poop: was fixed. :person_facepalming:

Is it giving a ridiculous amount of souls or just a normal amount?

Same amount of gold and souls. I doubt anyone with a right mind would exploit this particular bug and do challenges with insanely strong enemies for the same amount of resources.
This kind of bug still needs to be fixed tho as it can potentially lead to similar ones in other modes * cough* gw * cough*


Who figures stuff like this out?

I can tell you who doesn’t. And that’s QA. :grinning:


I’m guessing you are right…

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I did too. But I’m not really surprised.

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This was actually a 100% legit find, surprisingly! I don’t go around looking for bugs, so I was really confused when I saw that team facing me in a Challenge! Ahaha

The first tower level tends to have very easy enemies. Those inclined to tickle the dragon’s tail may also find more profitable game modes to make those enemies show up.


Just like the ones in the mail, they are banned in the middle of the GW, I hope that they are banned before the end of the event. And it goes without saying that they have to remove all the points earned

I think there’s been a misunderstanding.

Players have not gained any tangible advantage in the Tower of Doom event, from what I understand.

If any, it would be the ability to try out some different teams against the Ultimate Doom with no consequences, but that’s kind of hard to measure.

of course they are gaining an advantage
They are getting parchments and perditions that should only be obtained in the event
in other words, they are exploiting resources to improve the weapon and promote the troop
the list is set: you exploit a bug = ban
now you can not have double standards and look the other way, or you can exploit all the faults or none

No, they are not getting any rewards from the Tower of Doom event. They are not playing Tower of Doom, they are playing Challenges against Tower of Doom teams instead of the standard ones.

With proper setup it lets you play other game modes against pushover Tower of Doom teams instead of the intended ones. For farming purposes, that’s a huge benefit, even if it is only restricted to Challenges. Which I somehow doubt, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could also get this to work for, say, Pet Rescue.

Please read the description of the original post.
It offers no progress in the event or resource advantages.

It seems like the latest fashion that people are jumping onto bug threads and calling for bans without even reading the issue.

if you have to do all this you can consider it an error
and even if it’s just to test equipment, that’s already an advantage that you’re having with respect to others
to be clear, personally, take advantage of a failure I consider it unethical, I do not consider cheating
but the liston I have not put it
to take advantage, even a minimal one, of a fault = ban
and I repeat that this is not my idea

This is the battle screen Nerdie has shared with me (he is of my guild) and i would never tolerate any unethical behavior if he was searching for loop holes deliberately.

I admit this could potentially cause a rise to other loopholes but the issue in isolation is not something anyone would exploit unless you like to self-harm yourself that much to fight level 400 troops in a challenge for no added bonuses (or nicely put you wanted a challenge).

There is no reason for a ban when there is only pain and no gain.

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The new weapon is bugged. Let’s ban whoever uses it more than 3 times