TOD moving Unlocks?

Hei guys. I’ve been wondering on tod tower of Doom. Have any one guilds encountered Moving Unlocks scrolls. On me it was let’s say floor 3 Room 3 on my Guild m8s was 3:4. And others 3:5.

Have any of you encouraged anything similar.
Its so frustrating and confusing for the guild.
When someone say this and others that.



My guild has never experienced such an occurrence for any of the Tower of Doom events thus far. It sounds as though one of your guild members may be wrongfully recollecting the Scroll placement. I know that my memory stinks in this event and I have to write each room down as I go! However, if you are certain this occurred, it is definitely a bug that should be reported.


We are extremely good at it. And I trust my guild to the fullest. I dont know Mako its strange. First time encountering this Never happened before.

But thanks for you’re replies. Much appreciated :sunglasses::ok_hand:


Was it a singular anomoly on one floor or have your guild members experienced it on multiple floors? I have found some really quirky one off bugs in this game since I started playing. Sometimes these quirks are uncorroborated by anyone else and I know I am not crazy (well I mostly know!!). If it was singular in nature, I would probably dismiss it as a “ghost in the machine” moment but if it happened more than once, I would absolutely send a bug report in to try and get to the bottom of things.

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Xbox; my guild experience this last ToD, not just unlocks but certain scrolls we focus on. It happened more than a common typo or misrecollection, not newbie mistakes, but some of my top players who do 30 plus floors. I asked a few I knew in top 10 guilds and they didn’t seem to have the same issue, though one suggested we got glitched.

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Mako it was on floors 3 and 4 for some.
The rest was ok :ok_hand:

Ha.I new my guild wasn’t going crazy then.
So it’s not just us. It might be a glitch of some kind. Well se what happens after the update.

Thanks Neves. Now we know :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

We are a ToD Top 10 Guild on PS4 and never had such a problem up to now.

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Hm. so it’s on all platform’s. Interesting.

this need to be fixed.

Thanks for the feedback live. :ok_hand:

The first time my guild played TOD we had this, but it was down to personal error (yes mine) regarding the room numbering. I had assumed that it would be room 2 and 3 across the top row, then rooms 4 and 5 across the bottom row (seemed logical to me).

Having checked again I realised it was 2 and 4 across the top row and 3 and 5 across the bottom row. I was sure I was correct, but when I looked again I realised I was wrong. Might just be something as simple as this (and yes I’m in a top 10 Xbox guild, sometimes mistakes happen).

Other than that though, the scroll locations have always been consistent for all members.

So far this current week we haven’t had it happen again. So I’m chalking it up to those wonderful glitches the game can throw out. I’ve also advised my guild that should it happen to not feel like anyone is being called down for misinformation or a mistake. It’s just one extra battle if it happens, which can still be a plus for guild overall. No need to dog people in a time when the game dynamics are already causing a lot of tension.

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I hear ya Neves :+1:

I hope they fix this game. And stop blaming the players for theirs mistakes.
It’s like blaming the customer for a f%#$ up product you selling. Dosent make any sense

Thanks again