Explaining Tower of Doom

For anyone confused about Tower of Doom (both now and in the future), I made a video showing how it all works:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-Y4iPPTxA8 (Now the correct link.)

I made this for my own Guild on day 1. We’ve refined some of the messaging since then. You may find it a useful reference for new Guild members, and any new people to the game.



I don’t see how you can skip floors. You have to kill the boss of each floor to move. I can see skipping rooms once someone has mapped out the location of the boss sigil… But I can’t see how to skip floors already won by others in the guild.

Don’t use guild chat it’s not reliable, you better use some app like Discord or Line they doing a better job

We’re using googledocs

You can’t skip floors per se. TBH, I’m not sure what you’re referring to. You can use Fireball and Heroism scrolls to auto-win battles, and you can skip rooms that don’t have the Unlock Scroll (which may or may not be optimal). I may have been referring to the scouting aspect: if someone else has already scouted a floor, move through that floor quickly rather than re-scouting.

As for Guild Chat, the reality is, many people play at least some of the time on devices that don’t support Discord or web apps, or where they’re hard to use. Guild Chat is convenient and mostly works. But we are supplementing it with Discord, as well.

Good luck!

Just fixed the link. Sorry.
I’d accidentally posted a link intended only for my Guild. I’ve now replaced that with the video link.

How amount of Dooms defeated correlates to the tower floors? I’m on floor 17 now, and I’ve defeated 22 Dooms. (But I don’t remember whether there were more than 1 Doom in some Doom rooms. It seems that I never fought with 2-3 Dooms in one battle.)

Luck scroll gives you 2 doom points


Thank you, I see now, so it’s 16 Dooms defeated in rooms and 3 Luck scrolls.