[Fixed] GW Score on Switch Not Working and Not Getting Seals Again

Platform, device version and operating system:

Nintendo Switch

Screenshot or image:


What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

To actually show the correct score and to get awarded the rewards for winning the day.

The end of the day is where is the issue is as you can see Day 1 shows 0 vs. 0.

Please fix as last time we didn’t get any of the seals we won and we’re never compensated.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Happened 2 GW ago but was fine the last time so I’m not sure what changed.

Steps to make it happen again
It is happening across the board with guilds so not just mine.


I can confirm this bug.
It’s like the last time. And they don’t care. I don’t expect any compensation this time, too.
It’s what they call “life service”.

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The bug appeared on mine as well.

Also affecting Bracket 2. The Alliance guild.

Please fix this ASAP, unlike last time. We’ve already lost today’s seals and XP bonus.

This is fixed for each from now moving forward. You may need to fully exit and re-open the game for the fix (go to the Switch home screen, highlight Gems of War and press X on your joycon to exit).

I’ve made a known issues article here to follow for more information as we get it:

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Thank you @Kafka!

Question - should we be seeing the correct score now for Day 1 when we exit and reopen the game? I’m still seeing 0s and others are seeing something like 5000 vs 6000.

No sorry, Day 1 is going to stay at 0, but the other days will be normal.

I’ll hopefully have more information for you soon.

Thanks for the fast reply - appreciate it!

This has now been fixed, but we can’t alter the Day 1 scores. Switch players will receive global mail with some compensation shortly.


Thank you! Obviously the orb is worth more than the seals lost from this guild war, but it makes up for both times this glitch has occurred combined. I really appreciate that we were listened to on this.


Much appreciated!!!


Thanks Salty and Devs. Really appreciate the effort to do well by us this time.

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Thank you everyone. We did our best to come up with something that pleases as many as possible.

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