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(Switch) GW compensation denied by the devs

Platform, device version and operating system:
Nintendo Switch
Screenshot or image:
See below images
What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
My guild won our GW yesterday, to the point that we’re top of the bracket (not that the bracket EVER displays properly - the entirety of what is supposedly B2 is always 0 & the highest scorer in ours is always the bottom of this for some reason, despite that I think we are actually B2?). Yet today I log in & not only does it say we lost against a team that apparently scored 0 (they didn’t btw, they scored 150k against our 197k), but over 195k points have gone missing. We also haven’t received our daily 50 seals & XP boost because of this.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Not the first time the bracket display bug has happened, it’s a constant pita - first time we’ve had points disappear & not received our seals & XP though.

Steps to make it happen again
Bracket display bug happens every GW on Switch - I have previously reported it & never got an answer.
No idea regarding the other one.

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Can confirm same for Bracket1.

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It happened to you guys as well? The points still show on the week thankfully, but gw week is my ‘shoot up the hero levels’ week so I’m more miffed at losing the xp bonus & the seals than anything visual! Would be nice to know if the losing guild got our bonuses, but I don’t know anyone in that guild…

I’m not in contact with the losing guild so I can’t ask, sorry.

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The same thing happened yesterday with our fight against Xenoblade. We won but after reset the scores changed to a much lower number and displayed that we lost. The page showing all the guilds’ scores in the bracket seem to be correct.

I too was looking forward to the xp boost but now I feel very disappointed that I can’t use today to lvl up faster.

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Hopefully it doesn’t happen tomorrow, but we have you today so if it does at least we’ll know if one of us got an xp boost :rofl:

Hey @Casper1875 I’m very sorry you’re having this issue and that you’ve tried writing to us before but didn’t get an answer. I have to admit this is the first time I’m hearing of this so I don’t know what happened the last time you tried to contact us about it sorry! We take any issues in Guild Wars quite seriously.

I’ve checked your Guild’s data on the server and you’re showing up as rank 12 in Bracket 2 at the time I’m making this post. So I suspect this is a visual issue only.

Have you tried exiting and re-opening the game? You will need to fully exit the game, not just go back to the Switch home screen. To fully exit the game, press the home button on your joycon, and with Gems of War selected press the X button on your joycon and then select “close”.

Obviously it’s not ideal to have to do this to get the game to display correctly, however, I know many Switch users don’t actually exit their games and also don’t often turn their Switch off (just let it go to sleep mode) so knowing if this solves it will help us determine what’s causing the issue and if it’s a matter of just needing to exit and re-open the game we can look into improving this.

Please let me know how you go and @oninowon please try this too if you’re still having the same issue.

Hi @Kafka I’ve tried everything (bar uninstalling). It appears the scores were wiped on reset from looking at it - it looks like I have had one guildie do their wars today & it appears the opposite team from yesterday have had 3 or 4 do theirs, as we’re currently showing the below (at least I hope that’s what it’s showing)! I’m glad it’s showing the total score, this always happens in terms of the visual bug with 10 teams scoring 0 in B2 so I’m never sure what bracket we’re actually in :rofl: like I said I’m miffed we’ve lost guild seals & the XP bonus…

@Casper1875 can you take another pic of your Guild Wars ranking? As you’re online right now I should be able to match the score displayed in your game client to the one I have on the server to ensure they’re showing the same thing.

I can do the ‘whole of B2’ with 0 if it helps?

Wow ok. I’ll get onto the team about this right away. It’s not business hours here yet so it may take a few hours to get back to you but we’ll look into it as soon as we can today and I’ll get back to you here!

(PS. your score matches the server but obviously the bracket doesn’t)

Nah, it’s ok I don’t need pics of B2

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No worries, thanks for the quick response :+1:t2:

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Just as an FYI, this is happening in all brackets and not isolated… you probably know that… but just wanted to note it.

We are in bracket 1 on switch and had a lopsided victory yesterday. Today we see a bugged board and loss w no xp bonus. FYI and thanks.


We had the same experience in our GW match.

At daily reset, the scores were erased, and set to 0-0. We were awarded a loss, even though we won the day, and did not receive the bonus seals or experience bonus at reset.

Also seconding the visual bug for rankings; it always causes confusion at the beginning of the week, as our guild always appears to start one bracket below the one it’s actually in.

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same issue with our guild vs sons of somber we won and the score
is now zero…
Also the mortitat has had the same problem

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This is definitely not just a visual bug, since my guild won yesterday but the schedule screen is showing it as a loss and we did not get the exp bonus for winning.

The brackets have also been displaying incorrectly pretty much forever (the same bunch of small low-level 0 point guilds are always at the top), it would be nice to have that looked at!

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This is affecting every Guild in Guild Wars, we’re looking into it now, no further information needed at this time.

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Hey the rankings have been fixed, if anyone could confirm they received their Daily Reward Victory mail after daily reset today that would be great.


Do you mean reset going into Thursday? My guild, The Moritat, won on the first day of the match. I completely turned off my Switch just now and turned it back on. I did not get any mail awarding us the win. The schedule screen still shows a loss against Xenoblade. The ranking screen looks like it has been corrected though.

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