(Fixed) Guild Task No Reward - I have not changed guilds

Platform, device version and operating system:


Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
This is simply what you were trying to do and what happened instead. Example:
‘I was trying to start an Arena battle, but Gems of War loaded Broken Spire quest instead!’

This bug occurred a couple years ago as well. A few others in my guild experienced it at reset today too. I expected to just collect mail for the guild tasks that were completed but received this message in mail. I’ve been in the same guild for almost two years. I am not sure if any rewards were lost because of this issue.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Was this a once-off bug or has it been a consistent issue? Does it only happen after doing a particular game mode?

Appears to have happened at reset today.

Steps to make it happen again
Sometimes there are certain steps that can lead to a problem that may not be obvious!
Example: I lose once in the Arena.
I then exit to the world map.
I then tap on Broken Spire on the map and then tap Arena.
Broken Spire’s quest loads instead of the Arena

I’ve only seen it just now so I do not know if it will happen again when another guild task is completed.

Have the same issue.

I had similar reset problem. If you are doing a delve at week reset, then do pvp for Tier rewards, you get nothing. No tier rewards. Reset!Reset!Reset! at…wait for it…Reset!

I have learned reset will solve many problems, there is an effect in computing called cleanup. Memory is grabbed and released, problem is it isn’t neat. If you need a bigger memory piece, it grabs somewhere else. Too many of these somewhere elses’ cause memory fragments that cannot be used, and, after a while, choke an app. When an app is reloaded, it starts with all those pieces collected back as a memory block.
I think they should put “Did you restart?” in the bug form. :stuck_out_tongue:

I learned it is from 2 people completing tasks at same time. You will still get all rewards

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Hey this issue has been fixed now so you shouldn’t get it any more.

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Another bug on mail system. Only got mail about guild tasks (LTs) after i donated some gold. Happened couple times today. Anything to do with the fix?