Fix the create a gem upgrade on doomed weapons please

i really like that the explodes were changed, however i have already had the created gem mess me up since the update LOL


just wanted to bump this thread hoping dev see it and think about it, running skull spamming builds with doomed club and being reminded how much it can suck when that gem is created in the most inconvenient of spots possible… also might consider getting rid of destroy a gem upgrades, these sorts of upgrades tend to be too random and can cause catastrophic backfires


+1, and linking another, similar, recent thread: Doom Weapon Create a Gem

Agreed. When you have an obvious 4match coming, convert red to doomskulls, that should be a given, a fact. That’s how converters work and why (in many cases) they are preferable to exploders. To have your own weapon, after the fact, take away what should be an absolute sure bet, is not only frustrating but takes away a fundamental element of gameplay structure.

If i had a toggle off button for that gem create, I’d shut it off in a flash. Tis a silly thing to have for a converter that relies on … converting.