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Ruined, Ruined my cast

I’m using 4 Urskaya troops. I cast the weapon. I had 4 green gems to get an extra turn. But nope. Had my upgrade block myself.

Either own up the fact that you do this shit on purpose to slow down the game or “make it more exciting”.

Or admit that weapons like these are made by a program that has no idea that gem spawners work better without a gem or skull being created to aid the combo breaker.

Y’all complain about how negative players are to you. But yet you pretend like you’re listening. Then continue to do make the same mistakes over and over again. To me that’s a huge insult to your player base/paying customers.
When Infinity Plus 2 grows up…do y’all want to be Bethesda?


I think it has the same bug as Doomed Club, the brown doom skull converter doomed weapon.
I always turns a converted doom skull into a brown gem.

Yeah, totally on purpose… not because they don’t understand the difference. Yup, not at all.

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