Devs stop making bad Upgrades

… it makes no sense to compare those two weapons:

An Epic weapon we can win with gem masteries.

A “Super Mythic” weapon created to make us use gems to pursue its full power.

Both weapons are monocolor, but only the cheapest one have Perfect Upgrades aligned with it’s usage which by the way are much superior to the upgrades present on the “Super Mythic” weapon…

At this point i’m ok if all the old weapons won’t get a review/rework, but all the Class Weapons and those newly weapons to be introduced in ToD SHOULD be reviewed/reworked! The same goes for Dawnbringer upgrades adding random modifications to the board when the weapon is not essentially designed for it!


BuT mUh LeGaCy CoDe


Its not up to the Devs. Hero classes and weapon perks have been outsourced to an RNG “pick-a-perk app” to save costs.


At this point i wouldn’t even be surprised if this is true…

Should i request/suggest changes to the developers of this app?

The last time we brought this up, @Kafka asked for some clarification. It seems the devs weren’t aware that “exploding gems” on a weapon whose prime purpose is “create gems” would be viewed as negative in the community.

How’d the other devs respond to that, Kafka? It’s understandable this weapon might’ve already been designed/balanced before that, but it’d be nice to know if there’s some attempt to avoid designing these mismatches in the future.


I’ve experienced at least 3-4 times where Doomed Blades “upgrade” cost me an extra turn by changing a Doom skull to a blue gem. I think they need to learn what the word “upgrade” means.


Right. And we also have Weapons, like Mang (an armor destroy), that creates a Red Gem as one of its “upgrades”.

This makes absolutely no sense to me. +1 to Attack or Magic would make a lot more sense.

Upgrade: An expensive “increase” weapon power that, more often than not, will hinder the player, instead of help them.

How’s that for their definition? Lol.

Oh, and don’t forget the fact that you have no choice but to ruin… I mean “upgrade” a weapon, if you want to increase a Kingdom’s power.

I say either: Rework weapon upgrades or Take them out of Power requirements. It’s ridiculous that I have to destroy a perfectly good weapon to “progress” in the game. The least they could do is remove them from Kingdom Power, so we can only upgrade them as far as we feel useful. This of course, will never happen. And, I wouldn’t expect a rework for old weapons any time soon.

devs nerfed my dawnbringer with there ‘upgrades’(lol) , and it cost me alot of mythic ingots,its totally wrong…

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The way I see it there are 3 categories of upgrade, and I’m only angry about one of them:

  1. Downgrade: This is where a weapon’s upgrades make it worse at what it does. I hate these.
  2. Ingot sink: This is where you don’t care either way, the upgrade doesn’t contribute or destroy.
  3. Upgrade: This makes the weapon objectively better in all circumstances.

The two downgrades I know for sure (before Doomed Blade) are:

  • Jar of Eyes starts summoning an Icestorm as you upgrade it. This makes it less flexible. Without the storm, it’s great on almost any team. With the storm, if your team is not heavily invested in Blue you’ve given your opponent free cascades.
  • Divine Protector creates a lot of gems, and is very likely to generate a free turn. But after you upgrade it, the explosions break up those free turn clusters.

I can live with “neutral” upgrades like the gem creation on Mang. I can at least say “well it goes towards Kingdom Power”. But with “downgrades” I’ve learned never again. I would rather lose a kingdom power star than ruin another high-level weapon.

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And it is the reason why I won’t ‘upgrade’ weapons when it actually makes them worse. Some weapons are so badly thought out and designed :-1:


I had no idea we had an upgrade for Lethal lol …

Yeah I’m going to upgrade doomed blade up to 6 and that’s it. I have already made the mistake to fully upgrade mang, dawnbringer (even tho I think their afwul upgrades never cost me a match) flammifer and divine protector (and their upgrades cost me multiple matches for sure expecially flammifer).
Yes I’m a dumbass lol not gonna happen anymore

this weapon ‘upgrade’ -system needs way more attention…and needs to be addressed asap…to put the most expensive weapon in the game.(dawnbringer) on a 50/50 spin,every time you cast it,is despicable…

See, this is where I think the argument gets diluted.

I have seen almost zero impact of the Dawnbringer change. I get the argument that “changing the board at all” makes it less predictable than it was. But it’s not a large impact, and when I cast DB I’d be nervous to do it against an unstable board anyway. This isn’t 50/50. I don’t think I see that gem have an impact in even 10% of my games.

People put this in the same league as Divine Protector, which is designed to give you a free turn, exploding a gem and not giving you a free turn on the majority of casts. I see this happen on 90% of my casts and I strongly regret upgrading it.

But people harp on Dawnbringer even though it’s still one of if not the most powerful weapons in the game. It makes it harder to highlight why the upgrade system stinks.

In short:

What happens when you upgrade Dawnbringer is like if they nerfed Infernus to explode 1 less gem. What happens when you upgrade Divine Protector is like if you changed Divine Ishbaala’s ability to “Gain 5 mana.” Let’s talk about the things that matter.


i can only speak as i find,im end game(lv1400 ++) i cast dawnbringer hundreds times aday, , and the two destroy gems ‘upgrades’ cause me more problems than if the board was left untouched…

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It’ll matter when it finally changes the board in a bad way costing you a match…
So far it didn’t happened? Good for you!
Was such upgrade really necessary or even thematic to the weapon effects? Not even a little. If it aligns a single skull match to remove the barrier from the first ally, then it already sabbotaged the full effect of the weapon.

It’s the same, but not as intense, as your opinion about Divine Protector, to some people your grievance is nearly inexistent, but it doesn’t means that it could have a better upgrade than exploding a gem.

If the devs would spend at least 10 minutes reviewing such weapons then it would be enough to avoid bad designs, no matter how small.


nail on the head! Razzagor…

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Now how about buying this shiny sigil for only 500 gems?!?


If i pay more will my sigil be shinier than others?

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