Devs stop making bad Upgrades

I just want to be able to turn upgrades off…
This is also benefitial if we were testing something for somebody (Lets say tacet was testing a Build using MC for somebody who hasnt got MC with dust storm, now he can turn that upgrade off so it’s more accurate of a request)


delve its my last chance for fast unit and weapon upgreit to high level but on 11.11. i cant up delve chest level to more on 5

@Sirrian spoke about affects on our stream today! We are going to be looking into them in the future. You can watch our stream here.

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Is there a transcript anywhere? I read faster than most people talk, so I prefer to take in my media in printed form rather than video.

No transcript at this point in time. However, I am re-watching the stream in the background and I’ll see if I can nab the time code where we discuss it for you. :slight_smile:

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how do the devs feel about weapon upgrades currently?

paraphrased: “love how the ingots work, doesnt like some of the affixes: doesnt work as intended, looking into it”

11min 44 sec to 12 min 40 sec ish


It would be briliant if we could switch the inidvidual weapon “upgrades” on or off, that would solve so much of the pain. And that seems technically doable.

I have a problem with this because it’s a cheap and lazy solution that makes investing on upgrades for the weapons null. Upgrading means making things better, not making things bad or not making any difference.

Technically it is, but regarding the pain, all of this would be avoided if the devs would have put some more thought into these upgrades in the first place.

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I politely disagree. The extra option to have each upgrade on or off adds an extra layer of strategy on how to use a particular weapon.


In some cases it could be good or no difference.

Mountain Crusher’s duststorm is usually good, but in some teams it could be better to disable it. Such as my dungeon team, mc / infernus / skullbeard / fire bomb.

Upgrades to explode or add gems might often be bad, but sometimes good. Maybe in a delve you might disable it to avoid losing a troop from giving a good board to the enemy, but in tower of doom you might leave it on for more mana, since losing a troop only affects one battle.

Of course sometimes an upgrade is always bad, but I don’t think those are common.

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This entire thread is a long version of my very short position: ignore the entire weapon upgrade system. The whole thing is a mess, and the game is much cleaner if you pretend it doesn’t exist.

Can’t ignore it if you want that sweet, sweet kingdom power.

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Yes you can - simply decide that you don’t care. The bonuses become so incremental that you’ll probably never notice the difference.

And it would increase the fun for being able to customize your strategy more accurately. I see no downside to this proposal, you can take it if it suits you, and you could also not take it and leave everything as is if it doesn’t.

Love it


And gives the devs the simplest excuse to keep ignoring the issues with upgrades as they will argue that we can simply disabled them, instead of reviewing what they didn’t properly designed in the first place. Weapons gaining magic upgrades when the spells effects don’t rely on magic stats at all is just an example as well as creation, desctruction and explosion of gems on weapons that don’t do such things in the first place.

They should be always good, Ingots are a currency that if spent should only bring benefits, not random chances to make your teams less reliable in dangerous ways, specially confronting enemies with absurd stats.

I’ve posted this before.

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! The developers should not waste a serious amount of time creating an interface and programing system, and testing to disable perks. They couldn’t have spent anytime at all creating each individual weapon. Its mostly handled via RNG. Now you want them to waste days or week implementing something they never spent anytime on the first place, NO.

The solution is to simply spend a few minutes THINKING, then alter the perks, if they actually consider them all these negative Perks can be neutral or a benefit quite easily.

Yes its amazing to spend 55 Mythic Ingots on ‘one’ perk for some of the weapons and all it does is harm the weapon.

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They don’t seem to be familiar enough with the game to understand which perks are considered “good” or “bad”. Going by Cyrup in this thread they didn’t even realize up to a few weeks ago that players might consider current perks a problem:

I’d propose that the community compiles a list of possible replacement perks, that has already been done months ago though (e.g. gaining 1 red mana instead of destroying 1 red gem). I strongly suspect that whatever we write here, it’s not going to reach the powers able to change something.


This is why a feature allowing everyone to customize which upgrades they consider a good one and want to have active would be a solution that would not only work now, but for future weapons as well.

edit: Plus, we would not have to all agree which ones they are.


Precisely. Some people might like the RNG factor of “create a red gem” where as others might not. We won’t all agree on what’s good or bad. As Tuaya says there is some strategy to using some of the upgrades, especially storm creation which I would love to be able to enable/disable like I can with talents.


Unless the weapon itself already creates gems there is little to no reason to even consider such upgrades good, specially because they are always the last upgrades, and usually the most expensive ones.

Just look at the opening post, an Epic Weapon with a 20% chance to kill the first enemy at it’s seventh upgrade versus the Super Mythic Weapon that basically gambles on a chance to screw your strategy.

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