[Fix Incoming] Trying to access the campaign menu is causing the game to crash or freeze

Happening on switch as well. Multiple guildmates having this issue.

I’m having the exact same problem. On my Series X, the game logs in just fine and everything works except the campaign. It reset my progress for the week to zero on the two tasks I had not completed(but I was very close)and when I press LB, it starts to log in and then crashes the game, sending me back to the home screen.

Why is there 0 response from the developers? I can not complete my campaign tasks. I met the requirements. What happens at reset? Am I screwed on the remaining 9 weeks. How did this even happen. Devs are clueless. Why are they not monitoring forums or tickets sent in?

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Same on PS4

Devs/CX team don’t work weekends/their holidays normally.

I’m a bit surprised that they let this issue go before clocking off on Friday though, since the campaign involves real money for Elite passes :thinking:

Current campaign crash complete conundrum, cries community! :disappointed_relieved:

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I have tried on my laptop, windows OS, and my iPhone and iPad. It does nothing but hang on all of them when I try and load the campaign. Will this be fixed at any point??

Guessing this will be fixed on Monday when devs return to work?

Pretty sure it will be their main priority.

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Hello :slight_smile:

Just a quick heads up that I’ve merged the multiple threads about the same issue on the different platforms onto this one big thread. This is just so you guys can all see what is happening with this Campaign bug in one place rather than searching everywhere for yourself.

For the Campaign Bug:

  • After daily reset on August 1st, a fix will be pushed out to live across all platforms and players will have access to the Campaign again.

  • Campaign Tasks that had progress when the issue began on Friday, but weren’t complete yet will remain reset.

Note: If you had earned extra Stars for these duplicate tasks, but have not purchased the Elite+ Pass you will not receive any rewards for exceeding 1,000 Stars.

Note 2: Affected players will be sent compensation once the fix has been released.

Please read this article for more information: Campaign not loading & tasks resetting


Hi all,

We’re working on sending out stage 1 of the compensation for this issue right now, so you should receive it within a few hours.

This one is a global mail for everyone as an apology for not being able to access the Campaign menu over the weekend.

There will be a stage 2 coming later (I will update you all again once we have started sending this one out). The 2nd part of the comp will only go to players who lost progress on their campaign tasks due to the issue.

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yes thank you. I didn’t even realize i didn’t get the vip points originally at first. good looking out.