[Reported] Campaign Tasks Broken and Unable to be completed

Platform, device version and operating system:

I’m unable to do these. I can’t skip them, and even after restarting and re-installing the game I am unable to do the gold or silver tasks. The bronze ones work. It says the gold one is complete on the world map pop-up. Unfortunately, I’ve been away from the game for over a year and this is my first campaign back, so I don’t know what could be causing it.

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did you update & restart your game? this usually happens when you don’t.

Cheers, Gary.

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I re-installed it like I said in my original post. I don’t know if there’s another way or pipeline to update with, but I just lauched the game on mobile and it had the exact same issue (same account)

Edit: My PC game also forcefully updated just now and it’s still broken

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Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you for providing a screencapture of your issue.

In order to resolve this, please contact support by submitting a support ticket for security purposes as we may need more information!

Contacting Support


I am on xbox one and am having the same issues

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Hello, :slight_smile:

Please contact support via ticket to help resolve this issue.

I figured out that pvp was working for collecting them but the issue is I didn’t know that at first so until today I haven’t been getting credit for the glory I’ve gotten Mon and Tuesday