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First Team Build- Toxic Lament

So, as I promised in a previous thread, here’s my first team: Toxic Lament.

Toxic Lament

I would like to hear from you all. I’m used to the critics!


I liked the production value, and the uniqueness of the team! I would appreciate seeing it go against some PVP teams though in the future.Good job!

Very good. Youre team is very different to what I am used to (skyll teams).

One thing that I noticed is your kingdom levels. It is quite economical to bring them all to level 5 at least!

Thanks for sharing, I’ll give your team a try :slight_smile:

No problem. For my weekly video to get Tier 1, I’ll be using this team first for every match for 1900. You see that very soon!

I’m currently working getting all Kingdoms to 10. So, that wish will be confirmed in the future!

Thanks!!! I would like to see what you think after testing the team!

Gotta admit, your movie was entertaining.

Thank you. I put a lot of effort into the edit work and I’ll come up with more in the future!