Favourite things in the game?

I don’t much like playing ToD, but I love the teamwork aspect. Love seeing my guildies push and always reward the scouters with some Gem gifts.


Now that is an idea!

We do contests for top players over and under level 1000 :grin: in events.

I also get a thrill everytime Centuragon eats somebody! :joy:

Then there are those laugh out loud moments when I accidentally cast Princess Elspeth on my Hero and kill myself. :rofl::thinking::skull_and_crossbones::person_shrugging:t2:

:heart: Anam Cara :heart:

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I love it when he eats somebody while I’m grinding E12 with Zuulagon.

And another thing with Gem gifts–I send them on members’ anniversaries. I have a list of the date every member joined the guild and once that date comes around, they get a gift :slight_smile: I just love giving a lil something to the members who stick around.


Awww, that’s so sweet! Absolutely LOVE this idea :heart_eyes:
I am proud to be a fellow Canadian!

Thank you for being such a great leader, team player and positive contributor! I would send gems across guilds to you if I could! :gem::gem::gem:

:heart: Anam Cara :heart:

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Well, another thing I love is being a guild leader :slight_smile: Of course my guild members make the job easy, or I wouldn’t feel so good about it, lol.

Have lots of long-timers, some coming up on 4 years in the guild. A handful joined before me, I’m at ~3.5 years in the guild now. Love our long-timers, but also appreciate the new members we get. Rarely have had any trouble from new joiners and I’m grateful everyone puts in the work and I don’t have to hound people too much to meet reqs.


Hmm … my favorites, overall?

  • Surprisingly large amount of content that doesn’t time-gate its progression
  • Cool card art for most Troops

Some specific modes:

  • Gnome-a-Palooza
  • Treasure Hunt (in short quantities)
  • Delves

Great topic!

I love challenging game modes where you can’t just mindlessly click the “win” button.

I may be the only one, but epic trials are one of my favorite game modes. I really love the challenge of it, and I get a thrill when I finally beat it. The pet rewards make it totally worth doing.

I also love PF500 delves, and Guild Wars. I love GAPs for the resources. :slight_smile:

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You are right, Epic Trials are very satisfying to play - especially when you get through it all the way! (sometimes after trying again, and again, and again, and again… :joy:)

:heart: Anam Cara :heart:

I believe the Underspire is a positive game due to the guaranteed orbs you receive. Because of this new game, I’ve been able to gold every mythic and now I’m on to legendary troops. Also your able to get all the cosmetic troops to mythic level or at least reduce the need to constantly buy 200 gems every week for the stary pets, but this is ending very soon and we will have ample orbs afterwards to mythic all the remaining cosmetic pets…