Favourite things in the game?

What’s your favourite parts of the game?

For me in no particular order:

  • GaP - makes advancing so much easier

  • Vault events - thank you for making this happen more often and regularly now

  • Merchant - best way to get more pet food!

  • New orbs - orbs of glory, minions, etc. - much easier to medal my favourite mythics

  • Great guilds - thanks to all those guilds out there who take the time to help new players, because of you I learned to enjoy the game and continue to enjoy playing it. Kudos to all of you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Guild, of course!


Guild Wars is best mode IMO. There is really nothing else like that in the game. Kudos to the team that came up with this mode. I consider our discord as part of the game and it brings all our guilds together. The folks that put in the work to make the guild I’m in successful I like a lot. GAPs I agree is a good way to get some resources if you have the time.


My guild and alliance and the friends I made.

Underspire. No idea why specifically - t’s just fun to me.

Guild Wars.


I also wonder how Underspire is so fun for you. I aim for the imperial deeds and always picks the wrong path, always. Maybe it was coded that way. But just feels like another belly kick…


Well, wrong turns aren’t fun. But there are some things that help you find the right path.

Only thing that bothers me are the dragons with the really useless rewards. Wisdom and ascension orbs, and in spots newer players can’t really make it to.

But this isn’t supposed to be a complaint thread. :sweat_smile:

It’s just fun for me, and I don’t have to know why that’s the case. :joy:

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GAPs are great.

I unironically love Treasure Hunt and grind it for hours sometimes.

Angel and Merchant were great additions to the game [I ignore/never take the Genie and Demon offers].

I enjoy the ridiculous jokes spread throughout the game–whether quest line dialogue or pop culture references in troops, flavor text, weapons, etc.


I guess, guild chat does not really count, as it is not a game feature. Also I’m not that chatty most times.
I used to like tower event, when it was every eleven weeks, but monthly is a bit of an overkill, and once you are past floor 25, it just drags.

I know, I will be the only one to mention this one, but I like Arena.
Possibly the only game mode, that is purely about experimenting troop setups, you would not use otherwise, and one of the few, that has kept the match 3 spirit.
A mode, that firmly resists all optimisation and that is not decided by whether your empowered converter troops get the starting board they need.

P.S.: I see, vault weekends and guild wars get mentioned by some. I hate both, the former for its push towards insane grinding, the latter because it has been optimised to death.

P.P.S.: Oh, I don’t know if that counts, but there is a morbid fascination in watching the player count drop with each month.


I am glad you enjoy it mate. What will help me find the right path? I am 100 % using all the paths before finding any dragon rooms, and I played up to stage 3 every week.

What an amazing thread, not that far in and already I see people who like Arena and Treasure Hunt.

I will say, especially with Arena, I have always loved the rent-a-team feature in games that have them (Pokemon is the first that comes to mind, as well as some other card strategy games) - so as a game mode, Arena definitely interests me.

But with both Arena and Treasure Hunt the rewards are so piddly and I feel so far behind (blessed FOMO) I can’t justify playing them very often. Especially since now Arena isn’t the only other activity outside of PvP that grants you trophies. I wish Arena was more rewarding for my time! It’s a neat concept.

Anyways, to answer the OP - I like the Soulforge. I like GaPs. I like Dungeon too honestly.


I love the art!! It’s (almost) always great even when the troops are sub-par!

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Actually I like to have a large variety of activities to rotate amongst, but if I had to choose it would be things that are not repetitive as in firing the same troops over and over, so what I like most would be would be Guild Wars, Arena, some PVP…like another player mentioned above I wish Arena gave Class XP.

Otherwise obviously I appreciate stuff that gives good rewards, like Underspire, though unfortunately it involves the repetitive playing. At least it is with a different Kingdom’s troops each week.

I like my guild too, but NOT guild events. Those are major repetitive, expensive, LONG events with not good enough rewards.

I do love my Inventory and like to look at all my stash, especially orbs and diamonds, and also just looking at all my Kingdoms and planning ahead.

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Im pretty sure the game’s constantly swapin the goblin Merdchunt and the Key Dragon chambers for me :laughing: but Underspire I go first at the day reset.
I also enjoy -o- Eika’s Funny Corner -o- alot.
:heart: Eika Eika
Da paty meika


Thank you man/madame. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I like Arena as well for similar reasons. I just don’t play it much because the rewards aren’t worth it, and I end up prioritizing other daily/weekly tasks over it. I have played the weekly Arena event a few times because there are a few more rewards, and I have more free time then.

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We had some thread about it. :thinking:

I’ll DM you later so we don’t derail this thread too much.

I also really love helping people with the game. :grin:

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And the same rewards over and over, so what’s the incentive?

If you are in a thread about listing your favorite things in the game then you start listing what you do not like that is considered off topic and you can start a new thread about things you do not like. This way you can stay on topic. Underspire I think I would like more if there was an explode option I could buy preferably with gem purchase.

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I like how the variety of events, with different enemies/goals/restrictions, encourages us to use and experiment with different teams

re: explode option

Do you mean like a trinket that explodes a gem at the beginning of the battle? :pray: :heart_eyes:

I actually like the underspire as well - especially for f2p - With the lantern on the second boss, I get 2 imperial deeds and 2 epic vault keys.

Thanks to those keys, I got 900 gems in the Vault. :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: