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Which is your favorite Guild Event? - Poll

We now have 4 different guild events running each week and it would be interesting to know which is people’s most beloved event.

When voting please focus on the gameplay experience or the game concept itself (i.e. On the same basis all modes give the same reward and are non-sigil based).

  • Guild Wars
  • Raid
  • Invasion
  • Tower of Doom

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Easiest poll decision yet.

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Let’s think the devs will take a look at it.

It isn’t as if they will dump one of the events because it doesn’t poll well. :sweat_smile: The majority on the forum have derided Invasion and Raid for their entire existence. The devs already know how people on the forum feel about them.

As long as players keep using gems in event shops, the devs will see the events as a success.


Asking me what my favorite Guild Event is, is like asking me if I would rather be Shot or Stabbed… There’s just no good answer to that question.

But, in an effort to “play along” with the Poll, I pick GW. I don’t like them, but at least they’re better than the Cookie Cutter, Sigil based, Gem Sinks, disguised and misrepresented (in my opinion) as “Game Modes”.

None of the above.


Just to make things clear this poll was not created to show the develeopment team (niether it would matter to them) but to see what the general consensus of forum members are on events as a “game” with the added Tower of Doom.

Also this is my first poll i created and was curious to see if it works :pensive:


Can I change my vote or will it cost me 50 gems?


Sure, but don’t worry, you will get back 5 gems at the end of the poll.


I just wish they would finish fixing the bugs in Guild Wars since having it crash or issues of that nature which still happen affect the outcome.

Personally it’s getting old the ‘same story’ different version. I have troops now I can’t use anywhere else but their little nitch area.

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GW is the only game mode where I don’t spend gems. In other game modes, including ToD, I often spend my whole gem reserves to cover 1 or 2 guildmates that don’t participate. Pretty easy decision for me.

You don’t level your sentinels to help your guild in GW?

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I guess at certain brackets and below they are not really needed


When you are in bracket 100+ it is a complete waste of resources.


My favourite guild event changes a lot. It’s mostly Guild Wars but there are weeks where I get completely screwed when the ai gets lucky with looping teams and it’s my least favourite then. Invasions I hate. Raids I mostly dislike but there has been weeks where they have been somewhat enjoyable. Tower of Doom I’m surprised to say I don’t hate.

My vote goes to GW especially since I’m done with high brackets. From next week I’ll be relaxing in bracket 117.

I’m apparently one of the minorities that doesn’t like guild wars, but loves the other events. I like all 3 very much, but I chose Tower of Dooms because it’s the newer one. And so far I find it very interesting and more challenging than the others.
By the way, in my guild there are more who see it that way, but they’re not active in the forums.

The guild wars are frustrating for me and I am so happy that they now only take place every 4 weeks.


My guild is in the 300+ range, and only 9 out of 16 of us actually do guild wars. The ones who don’t do guild wars put in high amounts of gold with max seals, which is fine by me.

I foresee GW wins in a landslide.

My favorite is Invasion. I like the theme of team building around a single troop type. And I find the towers interesting and unique as opponents.

That said, I think once every four weeks is a good frequency for these events. It should keep my favorites from feeling stale, and keep me from getting burned out on the ones I don’t enjoy as much.


I picked GW what a surprise :slight_smile: The Tower is still new but seems to be a delve going up so not really new. As for Inv and Raid sometimes I play them sometimes I don’t.