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Favorite game of 2016

My favorite 2016 games were Doom, Titanfall 2, and Overwatch, all wonderful games in my opinion.
What are some of your favorite games that came out this year?

Maybe not 2016, but my favourite is Gems of War :heart:


Dark Souls 3.

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GoW aside (which I probably spend most of my gaming time on), I’d say Path of Exile, with new leagues every 3 months and new expansion every 6, the game stays fresh and is simply amazing (if it’s the kind of game you’re interested in to begin with).

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The only games I played in 2016 were Assassin’s Creed Unity and GoW. GoW has been taking up 100% of my gaming the last few months.

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Far Cry Primal: Survival mode on Hardcore. :slight_smile:


Aside from Gems, I play only FFXIV these days. Oh, and Divinity: Original Sin, off and on with a friend. We’re slowly inching our way through it.

Have you played other FF games out of interest?

I play FFXIV when I can (Miqo’te Bard here), but finding time to leearn dungeons is keeping me from playing as much as I would like.


All of them, except the sequels to X and XIII. X-2 seemed too “fun with Barbie” for me (and I liked how X ended), and XIII was such a disappointment that I wanted nothing more to do with that setting.

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I RP a Miqo’te Ninja (though as a Rogue; she’s more of a thief than a fighter, prefers to steal and run instead of holding her ground, though she talks a big game). Cat ears FTW!

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Aye, it’s a shame how bad the games became after 12 and I struggled to finish 13, ha ha. FFX is my favourite followed closely by 5.

I played FFXIV back in the day (basically up through the last update before the big relaunch). I played a Lalafell Marauder, but I had the Paragon’s Crown before I stopped playing (if that’s still a thing?). I know, clearly I played it at the wrong time.

Oh man, pre-2.0, the game was almost unplayable. That is truly a testament to your perseverance (or masochism, if you prefer)!

It’s a lot better now, and actually has a great story for an MMO. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the story rivals the best of the single-player games (albeit padded at times with filler). It’s kind of amazing how they were able to salvage the failing 1.0 and turn it into something great.

My favorite game of 2016, hands down, is Stardew Valley. It’s not my kind of game at first blush, but it captivated me in a way no game has in a long, long time. I think it made me realize why I love video games all over again.

I remember everyone, including me, thought Square was nuts for trying to save it with 2.0. It made no sense on the surface: Take a failed, subscription-based MMO, and totally rebuild its engine and relaunch it in 2013. It seemed like willful ignorance.

I’m clearly, and definitely, a Square masochist. I still don’t know why I played it as much as I did. I think I had friends playing it, and good TV to watch, so it was just a way to kill time. I think I kept going b/c I got halfway to the Paragon’s Crown and then had to see it through. So much mindless grinding. Plus it was free (b/c it was so bad), and I was much poorer then, so that didn’t hurt. That said, the boss fights and development right at the end got pretty good. And I least I can say I’ve stuck through them for better and for worse!

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Dark Souls 3

Those are weird choices! 6 > 7 > 9 > 5 > X.

10, 9 and 5 are the ones I’ve spent the most time playing, especially 10.

I like 10 the most due to how much crazy challenges you can impose on yourself. In fact, I’ve still got and play a save file where I did a Tidus only challenge all the way through to Dark Yojimbo, ha ha. I’ll have to go back and play it sometime…

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the game that left the biggest impression on me was the witness.

the first 3 or 4 weeks of pokemon go were also pretty amazing, just from the “social phenomenon” point of view.

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