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Fast play is/is not fun? Please vote

Sorry for being kind of a nudnik, but I stumbled at this point:

How do you think, fast and fun run together in GoW or not?

  • Yes, fast means fun and vice versa
  • No, fast are fast and fun are fun

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I think she meant on the stream, she isn’t interested in the optimal team. She wants to showcase the troop, so that may mean multiple casts.

Any good troop is designed for fast play, otherwise they’d have some variant of “do X damage”


As @Lorien1973 already pointed out. I believe it was just poor phrasing on her end. When I read the post originally under the right context I totally missed the “we don’t design troops for fast play”.
Clearly if that was the case then nothing would be empowered. (At the very least.)

My interpretation was the other way around – as in not specific to streaming, but when designing troops in general.

For the question – I think fast teams are generally fun, but there are some fun ones that aren’t super fast, too – Shahbanu/Sycorax teams come to mind, e.g.

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I like fast, mindless play. It’s nice to break that pattern up with GW every now and then, but if GoW were a slow, strategic game I’d expect the rewards to be reworked. So it can’t really be both.


What if they rarely design troops to be played at all? Queen Beetrix was a nice addition. The last Raid Event troop was the best in a good while. The faction aligned with Sin of Maraj was kind of fun. Blighted Lands faction and Shentang faction, not as much. Queen B is still the only troop I use out of those. So, fast? Fun?

It’s nice to find one that is useful. I missed on the Mistralus Mythic Pull, but I’ll craft her when she comes around in the forge. I’m glad to see some team suggestions for Sycorax, but I’ve yet to use it.

I do like the challenge GW offers, as well as pure faction runs, both with and without potions. But I do find it odd that there’s often one, if not two, factions troops that are not included in successful teams. Trickster for the Warrens, Plague Rat for Dark Pits, etc.


I think fun can be found from either fast or slow:
For racking up gold or completing events with my guild, then Fast=Fun.
For winning (…emphasis on winning) something challenging such as 500 Pure Faction or GW, then Slow=Fun.


Playing Stonesong Eyrie level 500 with pure faction for several hours was fun? Hmm…

Grinds aren’t fun, so if you just have to do a daily task for example, it feels nicer to have them done quickly.
But an actual challenge is the most fun for me. Having to carefully consider whether you should grab that mana or cast the spell first and which enemy to target. Unfortunately with the escalation of power, this is not the focus of this game. This is also why I sometimes really enjoy bounty mode. You have to think more about your actions instead grabbing a gobtruffle team and just hit cast on whatever is available.

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you are missing 3rd option in the poll ->
it doesn’t matter

teams that are fast can be fun, but being fast isn’t the main factor which makes team fun
also team can be neither -> no fun and not fast, but who would make such teams outside of world event?


Totally agree, fast teams can be fun and slow teams can be fun, and vise versa. And want to point out the majority of polls on the forums have no option as my preferance :man_shrugging:


Should every poll on the forums have a “maybe or neither” option?

  • Yes
  • No

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Reader, do you get the joke?

  • Yes
  • Si

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Faster play means more rewards. The devs won’t encourage such a thing, yet any top-tier player knows that playing slow is actually working harder (not smarter). A recent stream had a dev defend Garbageatour as a great troop for those who like “slow burn” matches. All i could think was that any person who likes to play that way probably thinks 1 million gold is a lot, and wonders why they always get kicked out of guilds

Being rewarded is fun, wasting time is not

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Slow play isn’t an option for end game players. Maxing a class takes thousands of wins, there are 34 of them, and it is a requirement for getting a 20 star kingdom. Gold medaling mythic troops takes thousands of wins. Farming enough gold for a mythic LT takes thousands of wins.


So what I’m reading in the 2 posts above this is that it’s actually not about the speed of the battle, but the time invested vs rewards gained.
So if there was some special mode (and I know this exact suggestion isn’t realistic) where in 1 battle there was a queue of 50 enemies, each joining the battle as another one dies, (or maybe they have 50 lives and constantly respawn), they get increasingly tougher etc so the battle takes 30-40mins at top speed, BUT you get garanteed 5 arcanes, 20k gold, a treasure gnome and some random rewards, it would be interesting?
(I rolled some dice for those rewards, the point being that it’s significantly more than a regular battle)

…actually I think I just all but presented a variation on delves.

that doesn’t change a thing in the matter, as players would use teams that are effective in those battle, probably more of them would pick up a teams that would secure faster victory (like zuul, or HKI, or even yao, rope dart team -> basicaly anything that can instakill/loop and get stronger with every turn).
that mode wouldn’t change anything in the topic, apart from encouraging people to use fast teams more often

You have a point.
Perhaps the true core is that people care more for the rewards than for the actual playing of the game.