Question to the Devs about the troops

Why are not more time and thoughts put into the troops spells?

We are getting 12 Mythics a year. And most of them is so bad that they can’t be of any use. Just to make an example.

I want to be as constructive as possible, as I have learnt that is the best way to go on about something.

How about at least make sure that most of the Mythics that is released during a year is useful for Endgame players and Ranked PvP? That is just 12 troops a year.


I was hoping for a good boss troop when Dark Smith Drenza was released. A suggested change in his spell - “boosted by the armor given” would have made him a real asset. Could raise his mana req to 30 in that case too.

I think the quality of new troops, or lack thereof, is a function of several issues reinforcing each other.

  • The game is old. Adapting GoW’s aging code to implement mechanics that weren’t planned half a decade ago only gets harder as time goes by.

  • The game has had to compete with PQ3 for creative and manpower attention for the past >2 years.

  • The game is really quite large. Every new troop has the potential of interacting with the other 1100 troops in unforeseen ways - and the number of potential interactions only grows larger every week.

  • This leads to the designers increasingly erring on the side of caution with regards to new troops, driving the ratio of trash tier to usable troops ever more towards the trash side of things.

  • Designing trash tier troops is cheap, quick, and can be mostly left to a random number generator. More troops in less time → more time to work on other things → more profit.

  • Lack of creativity. Medals and heroic gems were fantastic opportunities for the developers to go hog wild with the game and break up some of its staleness. Somehow both these systems ended up being lame ducks anyway.

At the end of the day, GoW will remain the knockoff WoW, Warhammer 40k, LotR, Lovecraft, Odyssey, … collect-a-thon mashup with the occasional match-3 game.

“The player base is largely indifferent towards lack of thought and creativity anyway, so whatever. Just give them more of the same, lol.”
-The Developers, probably