Alright Devs... Enough is Enough... (Soul Forge...) :(

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I apologize for the ping, but I truly feel it is necessary…

First and foremost, I am a GoW HOMER! I love this game, I defend it at every opportunity. I gripe, of course, I am passionate, comes with being a Pisces right @Ashasekayi? But at the end of the day, I am here and I am pushing for people to give you all the benefit of the doubt, to trust that you have a vision for GoW that we may not see as of yet and to remain hopeful.


Suffice it to say, my hope is all but lost.

You had a playerbase that was transparent about their desire for an outlet, an oasis, a sanctuary from the omnipresent RNGesus that necessarily pervades GoW. Your well thought out and highly anticipated answer was The Soul Forge.

It arrived on the scene to hesitant joy and despite outcries, I came rushing to the rescue, but enough is enough. Having the craftable troops SOLELY selected by RNG is a brutal slap in the face and insult to your playerbase that was more than willing to always fall behind in the collection race to ensure that ability to craft a needed mythic.

You have already gated the resources VERY well, the math has been done extensively by better math minds than mine, and if memory serves, a player who buys every gem pack and wins every dungeon battle still requires 6 weeks of resource collection to craft a mythic. Buying only Sunday packs requires 8 weeks. Clearly with a new mythic being dropped every week, this means that we will NEVER be able to craft at the same speed, only 1.5x to 2x the length of time.

With this gate already in place, can you please explain WHY you would make the design decision to have the WEEKLY Troop choices dependent upon RNG?

I truly would like to have an answer, but this is a FEATURE REQUEST, so I better get to it.

Because I am still the eternal optimist, I am willing to accept that there might be some reason to the above question I have not thought of, so I humbly present you with 2 choices for this Feature Request:

  1. Keep the Craftable Troop rotation weekly, but devs control the choices so that a reasonable rotation is available for players willing to wait. As you introduce more the pool will only GROW and unless you are controlling the selections then eventually The Soul Forge will lose any real viability (credibility?) as a crafting mechanic.


  1. If you MUST keep the choices determined by RNGesus for some reason, then please, for the love of all things HOLY, have them change DAILY upon reset!! This will not hurt you at all, if you truly love the crapshoot of RNG it just gives your players more dice rolls. Remember, right now we WANT to play with this shiny new toy. GIVE US THE MEANS TO DO SO. As of right now, we get only 52 tosses of the dice. It is not enough…

Devs, I love this game, I appreciate your hard work and diligence, please consider these requests and help me to understand your thought processes.


EDIT: I wanted to add a poll for two reasons. To collect data for the devs, and to satisfy my own curiosity! Please Participate!

Disclaimer: For Clarity, the third selection was intended to be the indifferent OR to be the “other” option, but I did not word it very well. If you think there is a better solution, but SOMETHING must be done, then please select option 3 and SHARE your idea in a post below. Apologies for the confusion of “I don’t care.” :wink:

  • I would prefer the devs control the choices and keep it weekly.
  • I would prefer that devs leave it to RNGesus but give us daily draws.
  • I don’t care what is done but SOMETHING must be done.
  • I love Soul Forge as is, please don’t touch my baby.

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There’s some info on this from the Dev Q&A Question thread:


Wow! Very well thought out and stated post @efh313! I agree with you 100% on this and i would like to stand with you in this request! So where do i sign?

Maybe if we make this request loud enough and not give up we can convince the devs that one of your suggestions MUST be implemented.

To this end i shall endeavor to keep this thread bumped and keep pinging the devs until we get a response!



Thank you @Fourdottwoone!
I appreciate the info.
I would still like to have this thread open as a reminder that this needs a decision not just discussion. :wink:


EDIT: POLL has been added, please participate! :wink:


I’m missing the option that lets me pick the Legendary/Mythic to craft, without limitations. It’s not like my stove at home only let’s me cook fried pickles on Mondays, even if I have other ingredients around.


I like this option too, the reason I did not include it, is because it was not one of the options I requested. I am still trying to offer a “reasonable” option to the devs and as much I prefer the unlimited access to all crafting recipes, this seems a proverbial swing of the pendulum too far in the other direction.

Hope that makes sense. :thinking:


Indeeed …

how many weeks now have we had Spooky and love imps ???

we are all waiting on Autumnl imp :rage:


Well, we do seem to have roughly 60 legendary troops by now. Going with four each week would take roughly four months for each one of them to show up. That’s not accounting for duplicates though, meaning a few unlucky legendary troops will not show up within half a year at all.


Same crap on console, 8 weeks without stonehammer

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I honestly wouldn’t see why. As others have already argued, crafting is currently gated by diamonds, there’s only a limited amount to be gained each week, no matter how much you play or pay. I’d understand a technical limitation, like the crafting list only being able to display a limited small amount of entries, but that would be a pretty braindead design decision.



It does no good to storm the castle with pitchforks, when we can sit down at the negotiation table with words. I have been reminded that the devs had made mention of changes that “might” be in the pipeline, but they have been “talking” about TDS’s new third trait for a year and a half now?

I don’t want this to be the fate of Soul Forge, it is FAR more important than a single card, albeit an awesome Legendary, but still… :wink:


@everyone lets get some voices behind this! Vote! Comment! Be a part of making GoW even better!


Agree. Bump. While we’re at it, let’s target specific troops please, at any level.


It also does no good to sit down at the negotiation table with a very limited set of words that does not reflect what players want. I don’t think I’ve heard any reason yet why “Let me craft any mythic troop I have the resources for” shouldn’t be a valid option. As far as I can tell, the devs don’t have anything to gain by keeping players waiting for the one mythic troop they are interested in, so they’ll hardly consider this “storming the castle with pitchforks”.

I don’t think the fate of the Soul Forge is much served by binding it to four possibly unpopular choices, especially if those are supposed to represent a community wish list to be handed to the devs. Going by the currently available options, I’d be voting for “none of the above”, except that this isn’t possible.


I’m good with the mythics being random, even though it’s frustrating Pharos-Ra hasn’t shown up yet and I lament that fact every Monday, he’ll show up eventually. Legendaries though, oof! With only four a week and them being random, it’s going to take ages before every one shows up…


I’m going with the entire intent behind the random draws was another way to create a false sense of urgency to drive purchases, but I don’t know how it can possibly work long term with the way things are now. After buying your first set of diamonds to make sure you didn’t miss the mythic of your choice when it does appear, you’d be completely disillusioned by waiting week after week after week and not having your mythic of choice show up and your diamonds pile up unused, feeling completely ripped off and foolish for having made an impulse purchase. This is exactly the opposite of how you want your monetization to go.

Honestly, if the rotation can’t be dropped entirely, then it either needs to be predictable or rerollable. Nothing should remain not craftable for more than a one-month stretch at a time. The bottleneck will still remain the availability of diamonds, the very piece of the system that is monetized, so making diamonds also so ridiculously hard to spend isn’t serving anybody.


I can get on board with this one “if” they refuse to allow all mythics to be available for crafting at all times. (Seriously, it is already gated by diamonds. Why have two gates??)

Frankly, I’m not sure why they haven’t coded this to make sure every mythic appears once before repeating them. If X mythic isn’t in the Set{}, add it; otherwise, pick another random mythic. Once the Set{} equals the total amount of mythics in the game, reset the Set{} to empty and start over.

As for the other choice in the OP, I would not like mythics changing daily. I think it is good that a person gets at least 7 days to gather the last bit of resources that they need to get the troop they want. It would be crushing to finally see the mythic you need one day and only have a few hours after work to get some final resources.


In case you don’t want to read the rest of this I’ll state up front I’m for some kind of rotation schedule so we can have an idea of when things are coming. I don’t want to see all recipes available at all times for similar reasons as OP. Legendaries would be nice to see rotate faster or more of them at a time since there are so many of them.

Just because players want something doesn’t mean they should get it or that it’s good for the game long term. I personally think a lot of players (and society in general for that matter) need to learn patience & moderation. You can’t have everything yesterday and shouldn’t.

It’s great to have 10s of thousands of keys, glory & gems just sitting around to instantly acquire every new troop & ascend it to mythic the day it releases. I do it myself to the best I can. It’s exciting and bragworthy. But that accomplishment loses its luster very quickly. “Gee, I have everything. Now what do I do. I’m bored now.”

For people to want to play indefinitely there has to be that carrot dangling in front of them, goading them on to get it. Now that carrot DOES have to actually be attainable. It can’t just get pulled away every time its within your grasp as eventually you’ll get tired of trying & give up. So when you achieve it, there has to be something new just past that to now strive for, and so on.

If the devs stopped adding new content and people had the ability to achieve things in relatively short times, there would be a lot more turnover in the player base. What purpose is there to play after all if there’s nothing left to achieve or find?

People need to be honest with themselves, especially those who have been here playing for over a year, ESPECIALLY those who’ve been here 2-3 years. What is it that keeps you playing? I think you’ll be hard pressed to not agree that it’s been the desire (dare I say OCD) to collect everything, to open every kingdom, to access every class - at least in part. I’m sure there are other reasons as well but I think that’s at the core of it.

And the devs know that too. As new players come in, they have hundreds of things to collect & achieve. They’ll be playing the game for years to get close to the point many end-gamers are at now. And guess what, that’s what they want and that’s what’s good for the game.

So again, I’m fine with not being able to get everything instantly or have access to everything immediately, but it would sure be nice to see what’s coming so you can plan for it efficiently.


Thank you for such a well thought out and worded response.
I agree 100% with your assessment. :wink:

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