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Alright Devs... Enough is Enough... (Soul Forge...) :(

I don’t think it’s a matter of getting anything “immediately.” Accumulating the necessary crafting materials is a grind in itself. The RNG at the end feels like a slap in the face.


Precious snowflakes…

We went from " I’ll never get that mythic" to “I’ll have to wait a few weeks.” And people still complain…


I get inspired occasionally. Don’t expect it again for a little while :sunglasses:

Besides, it should spark some disagreement, errr I mean some discussion for ya!

Exactly. Crafting mythics is already gated by diamonds. There just isn’t any logical reason to put two gates on the process.


With all due respect @UKresistance, please don’t troll.
You can see from my old posts I told people to relax and give the Forge a chance.

Pharos has only been available once since the Forge released and that was during its release week, I can’t recall exactly when that was, but I am near 8000 diamonds so somewhere in the neighborhood of 12+ weeks ago, which means we have rotated through 48 mythics and not seen it again.

That is unfair. That is the problem with RNG based crafting. Rotate through them, fine, but plan them out so that we KNOW it will eventually drop.


And summer imp is trolling me, appearing at the beginning before you could have enough diamonds. And op was a book… -.-

This game needs more important fixes.

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Expand the Legendary selections to 8 or 16 if keeping the weekly RNG

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So you didnt read the OP because it was a “book” and yet you decide to call everyone “precious snowflakes”? Well done mate, well done…


To be fair there are plenty of those around. I just wouldn’t consider OP one of them due to the method chosen to present this. Also not implying they’re here in this thread for the record, though I’m sure they’ll arrive soon enough or are lurking.

A couple of counterpoints for you:

See you DO understand my frustration and the reason for this thread as that is EXACTLY the situation with Pharos on PC/Mobile.

MY OP was a book!? :astonished:
I take it you have not met our newest forum member Viridian??

And clearly there are more important threads that require your attention, thank you for brief patronage. Good luck with your endeavors elsewhere. Bye. :grin:


Oh dear god delete that! Don’t invoke the name - I’d like to continue following this thread and still have time to play!


I read the op…

There was nothing wrong with how you presented the OP. You surely didn’t pull a “precious snowflake” card. There is nothing wrong with someone in the community pointing out a deficiency in a game system. Frankly, it’s a great way to improve the game for everyone.

The devs are big girls and boys that can take this feedback and evaluate it. They don’t need random posters trying to dictate what is or isn’t important.


I felt like the Soul Forge was created for End of Game players to craft the one or two troops that elude them in chests.
I have 411/412 troops and for over a month have had the resources to craft Eurayli to so I can have 412/412. To the the best of my knowledge… Eurayli has never been in the Soul Forge, and if she has. It couldn’t of been more than one or twice early on when no one could craft anything.
This should be a non issue… Have 6 mythics than can be crafted and replace 3 of them every 2 weeks. But manually do this to remove the RNG factor. I’ll then no it will only be a matter of time before I can craft Eurayli. Opposed to the current system of hopes and prayers.


She was in there once. She is the one mythic I’m missing as well (not counting Xanthenos). Sadly, I didn’t have the resources for her at that time. Now, I do, so I hope she comes back in my lifetime. :stuck_out_tongue:


Very well thought out and composed, efh! I love the idea of the daily reset for soulforge!


I feel like my luck finding a mythic in a gem chest is the same as my luck finding Pharos in Soulforge. :frowning:

As a Level 1070 hero, I only have one Mythic. ;(


This story sounds oddly familiar. You’ll get 4 within the next week if @Sheba is any indication.



Then i fail to see what you are complaining about unless it is just for attention…



@Zippity is right - until this morning, I had one mythic (Stonehammer) which I hadn’t even gotten through chests, but through buying the growth pack a while back. So no “regular” mythic. Like you, I am also waiting on Pharos, so while technically able to craft one more, I wait and wait and wait there.

Today - level 1032 by now -, I pulled three (!) from 50 VIP chests - yeah, VIP chests, but my first batch of 50 from a month back had given me nothing.
Then I pulled another from Glory Chests after using 100 keys.
I also got two legendaries I had wanted since forever.

Obviously, you are saving up luck! The day will come when you suddenly get five at once or more, depending on how long you save up that luck.
Or, if my luck rubs off, just quickly spend everything you own today. :rofl:

But yeah, while none of the mythics were the ones I needed/wanted, RNG smiled upon me.
It’ll happen to you, too.
But yeah, patience is a virtue.
…And I do wish they would add a ‘patience’ construct to the guild chests because if we need anything ever with the RNG, it’s patience.