Farm gold & medals

Hello everyone, I would like to know with you how you see the gold farm and medals, whether in E9 or even in E12, do you think it is a good and considerable drop for the number of hours played or do you think it could drop more?

E10 Wid plains for Medals!

I use the following team for maximizing gold from each E12 battle. In every kingdom, though some are more challenging than others.

Greed, Bronzelock Pistol, Zuul’Goth, Cedric.
Elementalist class. Nexus banner.

At beginning of battle, first grab any 4s and 5s. Then cast Greed.
Match 4s and 5s to apply Elementalist third trait. Match blues and browns for the weapon. Use weapon to get mana for Zuul. Cast Zuul on most troublesome enemy. Repeat.
Never cast Cedric.


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For Medals I use:

Essence of Evil

Orbweaver with Purple++ Red+ Yellow-


For gold (and regular play) my goto team is:

Skeleton Key
Cedric Sparklesack
Egg Thief

Orbweaver with Red++ Brown+ Purple-


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I don’t have Zuul’Goth but, when I do farm then, I use Thrall, Doomed Purple hammer, Pharos-Ra, and Leprechaun, Elementalist Class. Really quick and easy.