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Farming Gold?

I’ve been away for a long time and I was wondering what the current fold farming method was. Any help would be appreciated! Thx in advance!

Run Gnome-a-Palooza in Explore 1 with the fastest team you can muster. It’s not only the fastest way to gain gold, you’ll also get all other resources in huge quantities.


Gnome-a-palooza? Lulz

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Skeleton Key
Egg Thief

Averages just under 1000 gold per battle.

Good to see that the forum is as helpful as ever. Some things never change. UwU

The answer right now literally is gnome a palooza

That’s great. Idk what gnome-a-palooza is. I read the patch notes on it and I know just as much about it as I did before I read it. I’ve been away for 2 or 3 years. I was asking for methodology, not team builds or what event I should be doing.

For this Gnomapalooza thing, you want a really fast low-level Explore team. Even e1 is fine. Zoom through battles until you kill all 4 band members and can craft Gnomeapalooza in the Soulforge. Then fire away!

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Ok let’s say, the gnome event is over. Then what would be the current best method for gold farming?

Yea sorry, looks like some folks around here are going cuckoo over this gnome thing. It’s great during a vault weekend but I know where you’re coming from.

I did a quick comparison awhile back for gold farming between Explore & PVP, because you need a lot of gold for Factions (I find about 7-10 million a good level for new Factions). It really depends on what team you have for either, and what you want to do with your life.

They’ve slowed down Explore enough (and annoying, with the pop-ups) that I found PVP better for farming gold, even on the lowest level (the left). If you have a solid team, you could constantly farm the higher levels, but I’ve been leveling my classes for… years.

There has been (for the most part) 5 weeks between new Factions, and that has been enough time for me to consistently get the gold I need for them.

Also, if you’re in a guild that requires a high amount of gold donation, you should ask them for their suggestions. Only fair, right?


Thank you for your response


Beating fast explore level 12 or Ranked Pvp is the best method for me. (Currently a suicide because of double hit bug on going).

But my team with Shield of Urskaya, Rowanne, Megavore and Leprechaun get more gold than Skeleton key team in a long run.
Just like everything in this game, Speed is everything.
Skeleton key, king gobtruffle and some others were nerfed a few months ago.

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Step1. Find 4 Firebombs in casual pvp.
Step2. Set difficulty to Warlord 4.
Step3. Cedric Cedric Cedric Greed.

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