Gold farming question


So im running Greed***, Bronzelock +9, Cedric***, Cedricķ***. Is this the best way to get gold while also PvPing? Trying to make gold to contribute to my guild and looking for best ways. Any advice is appreciated


I sub one of the Cedric to Ubastet for speed.


Bonnie Rose is also a good option instead of a second Cedric, an extra damage dealer can finish battles faster and consequently give you more gold overall.


Bonnie for a budget team or Ubastet for a fast team instead of a second Cedric.


I would also sub in Bonnie Rose for one Cedric


Thanks for all the advice eveyone. I was using a second cedric for more gold but with bonnie making it faster or uba(which i do have) it probably even outs. Also i hVe 2 ascension orbs and was thinking of using to make greed and cedric mythic but it probably wouldnt make me anymore gold