Farm diamonds to get Cedric Sparklesack


I think that get Cedric Sparklesack will be important and actually I have only 500 diamonds, there is a way to farm 300 more to buy him this week?


Sunday gem bounty is 80 diamonds and 400 shards, dungeons is 70 diamonds and 400 shards. Dungeons are 20 diamonds 400 shards per day and another 24/400 if you buy the gem bounty. Assuming you’ve already done today’s dungeons and got that gem bounty, that should 270 raw diamonds and 3200 shards by Sunday (after spending 200 gems to get the bounties). That is just enough to get you 300 more diamonds.

Theres guild tasks and portal 7 if your guild hasn’t completed them yet, then gnomes (you’ll need dozens, not feasible) and of course you have the option of buying the $5 pack on Sunday.


Ok thanks! Then another question, its worth it?

Thank you very much!

In my opinion… probably not. Others may disagree, because he is difficult to collect and this is your best opportunity to do so, but since he doesn’t belong to an upgradable kingdom, he doesn’t feed into that long term goal either. He looks like fun, but as far as setups that use him well it is probably not worth the effort to be “good”. I got him on an alt account first vault key, but I’ve yet to use him.

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And as a new user with a lot of kingdoms < 6? Seems very good to finally get all lvl 10 kingdoms…

Cedric belongs the the “Vault” kingdom which isn’t an actual kingdom you can unlock, so he doesn’t affect kingdom progression at all. His gold gaining trait doesn’t amount to much compared to the gold you can gain in PvP, since it only affects gold earned in battle (the counter at the top of the screen, it will make it 200 instead of 100) and not for the whole battle. Plus, I’d say using him would make most teams harder to use and/or take longer, lowering the amount of gold you actually earn in a given time period. A reliable and decently fast PvP team is what you want if you want more gold.


In conclusion: The best bet its to spend diamonds in a good legendary or mythic instead Cedric. Thanks!


IMO, you’re in position where you still need a lot of gold. I say get him. And there aren’t much better options to use blade arcanes than on Cedric, so use them to trait him ASAP.

Having every kingdom to level 10 gives you the ability to accumulate a lot of gold. And that’s the best perk top guilds want from a player, gold.

The amount of gold you get from hims is pretty small, it only boosts what you collect in the match, so if you collect 10 gold, you get 20 instead, it does not double your total gold. It is NOT worth it in my opinion

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I think you’re wrong for the reasons Mithran already listed, and then some. Let’s use math.

Normally, you could earn up to 100 bonus gold during a match. You earn bonus gold either by abilities or sometimes from matches. With Cedric in your party, you can earn up to 200 bonus gold. Let’s assume you have a team that can both consistently win an Explore battle and generate 200 bonus gold. This is how soul farming works, so it makes sense.

I just played an Explore battle at Warlord IV difficulty to get a good baseline for the amount of gold that might represent. I got 885 gold, plus a bonus 100 for 985 total gold. So with Cedric, I would have been awarded 1,085 gold. If I had played on Normal difficulty, it would’ve been about 440 gold plus 200 for 640, and I could’ve won faster. So let’s go with that: we can finish a match fairly quickly for 640-1,085 total gold.

Now I’m playing a 2-trophy PvP game. The base amount of gold, with no bonuses, is 1,198. I won easily. With my armor/guild bonuses I got 2,726 gold. During the match, I collected 24 bonus gold, bringing me up to 2,750. A similar 3-trophy match awarded me 3,731 gold with similar bonus gold included.

So for me to get as much gold from Explore as I get from PvP without Cedric, I must be able to beat 5-8 matches in the same time it takes me to do a PvP match. That’s not likely. If I use a Cedric explore team, I have to finish 4-6 matches.

That’s somewhat realistic numbers for a high-end farming team, but you’d need the kind of fast-obliterating team like Sunbird or Rowanne to do so. If you’re trying to reach 200 bonus gold, you’ll be moving more slowly. So, intuitively speaking, you make more gold per unit time playing PvP matches than you ever will farming gold in Explore with Cedric Sparklesack.

So it’s a very poor idea to invest in the troop if gold farming is your goal. You’d be much better served crafting a troop that boosts your PvP win rate.


I’ve not used him, but I grabbed him when I saw he was available. First troop I ever constructed, though I would have taken Skadi if I had the resources for her. His abilities are rather rare. You never know when you might want them.

(When I say abilities, I don’t care about the gold, though I guess it helps. Not many troops can bring an enemy to the front, and charm is always nice too.)

Cedric can be competitive in PVP, and those 200 extra gold per battle (400 with dragon armor) can add up over time rather quicky. Especially for a mid-game player that still needs kingdom upgrades to get more from tribute. That’s my opinion, I used Valkyrie, TDS, PharosRa whenever building teams for PvP and those extra souls add up rather quicky. I’m aware that Sparklesack isn’t as efficient because he doesn’t generate gold himself. But even those 2 gold you get from 4-5 gem matches become 4. That will add up and get your kingdoms to level 10 quicker.

You will make WAY more gold per hour by not using cedric. Use a better more useful troop and you’ll get more wins per hour.

If he was worth anything he wouldn’t be so difficult and so random to get. Ergo, he is not.