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Diamond Count.Hows the climb going to 4000

How many Diamonds do you have so far am on 1250

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750 without spending any money. Just doing the daily dungeon and buying the pack for 50 gems.


me, too. 750…

15k here but will drop friday when new mythic get release on console

Edit: lol my bad i was talking about gems sorry guys


810 so far.

About average:


On the other hand, I’ve already crafted Dawnbringer and all the weapons for Xanthenos.


Steady climb to a mythic in about three months. If I stay with the game for that long, anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


750 also but I missed the 50 gem = 20 diamonds/etc offer the first two days.

Not looking forward to vsing all this stuff while its physically impossible for me to get it. Really not. @Sirrian.

im somewhere around same number as you @Shimrra
forgot to do dungeon/offer one or two days

and i play so little im at like lv5 forge, its so boring not even being able to see what im gathering those jewels for :sweat_smile:

i suspect being able to see into the higher level recipes could inspire more ppl to actually buy the $ offers
but maybe its just me

Unless they add diamonds somewhere else it will probably be about 1 year before I’m able to craft a mythic. I can’t get on every single day for the dungeons and I refuse to spend the now-nerfed gems on dungeon packs… MAYBE on Sundays, but that would be it.


i decided to spend gems only on the dungeon packs if anything, a “100% sure after x months” mythic is better to me then a “most probably no” mythic


I’ve worked out I get enough tribute (collecting around ten tributes per day) to get the dungeon packs, guild task gems will go towards VIP chests.

This is my strategy.

  1. Didn’t spend any money on it neither. I miss grinding for them though.

I’m buying every 50 Gem Bounty, do the three battles and spend all my Shards on crafting Diamonds.

EDIT: I just noticed that my post shows “120” instead of “1120” on mobile xD… Strange!


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I was surprise to log in and see the devs gave us 200 diamond on xbox cause of the bugs it was very kind of them. Ty devs

Now at 980 diamond

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Got 1570 diamonds and another 250 if I craft my shards into diamonds.

Also 1/3 weapon crafted for xathenos and 2/3 this sunday :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m in about that same place…

And there was a (1/6) at the end of that message, so it looks like we’ll end up getting 1200 free diamonds over the next week. That’s almost a third of a mythic, so a nice boost to everyone.

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With no money spent, getting the daily 50-gem bounty and this morning’s gift, I’m at 1400. Also have 2 of the 3 Xathenos weapons crafted.

We’re not guaranteed diamonds everyday though stan!
I’m actually pleased to see what crafting can bring for me. Now I’ve got my soulforge levelled it’s pretty good. If I was a new player I’d be crying though, it’s a mountain to climb. Naked. Blindfolded. I’m not sure if I will be bothering to craft xathenos. Having to waste resources on three shitty weapons I’ll never use first is putting me right off! Plus I’ve used him twice and he’s a bit meh tbh. I’d rather craft one I really want first.

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