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Do you think the daily dungeon "Gem Bounty" is worth 50 gems?

Pretty sure they’re worth it on day 7 (diamond day) so the question is should I be buying them every day or only on diamond day? I’m just curious what the majority of players think. Here are some stats. My calculations were based on all guild tasks done and all shards converted to diamonds. (Exact stats down the bottom)

If you buy them only on diamond day you will get a free Mythic approx every 8 weeks at a cost of only 400 gems each. But if you buy them every day you will get one every 6 weeks approx but at a cost of 2200 gems each. Is it worth 1800 gems to save 2 weeks?

Now space that over a year. Buying them only on diamond day will get you 6 mythics per year at a total cost of 2400 gems. Buying them every day will get you 8 mythics per year but at a total cost of 17600 gems. The difference in totals per year is approx 15000 gems for an extra 2 mythics. So, those extra 2 mythics cost 3 x 50 VIP chest pulls EACH.

So what do you guys reckon? Personally I don’t think they’re worth it on non diamond days. I know you get some other stuff in them besides diamonds, but that gets outweighed by all the other stuff you would get from 6 x 50 VIP chest pulls throughout the year.

Exact stats: Diamonds per week.

Guild tasks = 180
7 x all dungeon battles = 218
Diamond day pack only = 84
Packs every day = 228

Pack on diamond day only = 482 p/w = Mythic every 8.3 weeks @ 415 gems each
Pack every day = 626 p/w = Mythic every 6.4 weeks @ 2240 gems each


If you’re missing Mythics and you have enough gems/week: yes.
Else, no aside the sunday pack.


Right now not exactly. But I know when I finally craft one of the mythics I am missing because I have saved everything I will be happy and then it’s worth it.

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Short answer: For a VIP 5 player, Sunday only. For a non VIP 5 player, maybe - you’ll get slightly more unique mythics total over time, but much less of everything else.

Now that we know that the selection of mythics that are allowed to be crafted week to week is also random, that will certainly polarize opinions further. On the one hand, getting more bounties means you’ll actually have 4k+ diamonds when your target mythic finally shows up. On the other hand, you could be sitting on 4k+ diamonds for quite a while while you wait for your target mythic to actually show up to be craftable. For example, everyone waiting on Pharos will still be waiting now, no matter how many Gem Bounties (or even $5 daily packs) they bought, since he was only available the first two weeks of crafting when he was impossible to obtain with the amount of diamonds in circulation.


As weird as it sounds, it actually depends.

Logically, the numbers don’t add up to pay extra to save 2 weeks, and that Sunday is the only day worth paying for.


If you don’t own many mythics, and you’re a lucky person, those extra colored jewels can lead to a few extra Mythics. I’ve gotten 1 despite not paying gems for them, and some others on the forums have gotten more. 100 jewels per day is 2 pulls, times 6 in a week. 4 weeks in a month… it adds up after awhile.

Would I actually advise people to buy weekday packs? No, but 24 diamonds, 2 colored keys, some souls, and 4 runics for a new player isn’t the worst (beats paying to change hero classes, for example).

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I buy the 50 diamond pack every day (but never the 150 pack) to help speed up the time to craft mythics. I’ve pretty much given up on chests at this point as far as spending gems on them so I don’t have anything else to buy


I’m on PS4 and I buy both packs every day. For us the bigger pack is 150 gems, not 5$/5€/5£/5rubles…

I get 4000 diamonds in less than 4 weeks, but I use 1400 gems/week. Thus I need to play a lot.

I’m VIP 5 and I’m missing 3 base mythics. IMO I get the missing troops easier this way than testing my luck with VIP chests. Now with the current number of base mythics one gets for example one Pharos-Ra every 1900 VIP chest pulls. Good luck! I rather take my 100 % with 4000 diamonds. IMO diamonds are the most valuable resource in game.

I always buy both packs as well. I’ve used the soulforge to craft Summer Imp, Abynissia and a bunch of celestial traitstones. I’m only missing Doomclaw (I missed the exclisive period) and Xathenos to have every troop in the game.

When is the Sunday pack getting nerfed?



TL;DR it is always (ignoring those who have all current mythics) worth it if you’re not VIP 5, by a large margin. If you’re VIP 5 and trying to get a non-exclusive mythic, it starts being worth it once you own 2 mythics (although you should probably save up gems to get exclusive mythics when they’re released, since that will be cheaper).


I only buy the Sunday package for diamond.
Ultimately, once you’re done with all the weapons, really the only use you’ll need all those non-diamonds gems is to forge Celestial Stones… so I don’t bother paying my daily 50 gems for something that’ll just stockpile anyway.

imo the 50gems is worth it.

i see mythics as the most wanted value (above kingdom power) so there is no doubt its worth :slight_smile:

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I also feel its worth it especially since the 50 gems per day can be obtained from regularly collecting your tribute


forge Celestial stones, or, you know, get mythics :wink:


I don’t spend the 50 gems except for Sunday. I know I’ll craft mythics faster if I do, but I’d rather make sure I keep enough gems to get the newly released mythics in their window.

Getting 1 mythic every 6 to 8 weeks will still have you falling quickly behind when there is a new mythic every 4 weeks.

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Heh i have given up on getting mythics when they are released… Last one i got like that was QA and before then was pharos…

So actually on that schedule i should be due… WHERES MY SCORP!?!

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Obviously diamond day is a good deal, even for the poor since you get 2 gem keys.

If you can afford it, you never know what you’ll need the 6 colored gems to craft. And you can’t get them quickly, so it’s smart to spend to stockpile if you can afford it.


Truer words have ne’er been spoken…



This is my thinking exactly. Use the soulforge to craft any mythic you’ve missed once every 8 weeks but save gems for getting each NEW mythic when it comes available during its exclusive period.

I was surprised to learn PS4 can get 4000 diamonds a month without spending real money. In their case maybe it is better to just craft every mythic.

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Good question, but ultimately it depends on how you want to spend your gems.

I spent all of mine attempting to get Draak for a third time … to no avail might I add. So looking at spending around 4k diamonds (this past attempt alone) on event keys/ gem keys … or the sum you put forward for soulforge… I’d have to go with crafting to get the mythics you want. You may have to wait a bit longer, but crafting is 100%