Do you think the daily dungeon "Gem Bounty" is worth 50 gems?


i think it worth the price. you can spend all those gems you save from not buying the bounty to open gem chest and vip chest and still not get the mythic you want. worse if you don’t get any mythic at all. even worse if you get the same mythic for the 11th time. but by buying the bounty, you have a faster guarantee for a mythic of your own choice.


Not getting the mythic you want is not a problem if you only spend during exclusive week.


Yeah, now with the nerfs to event keys and the introduction of soulforge you’d be crazy to blow 100’s and 100’s of event keys trying for a certain mythic at 1/1000 chance.


You raise an interesting point for us PS4 players. I always buy both packs (50+150gems/day). Although I have more diamonds than I currently need, I’m missing coloured jewels to craft celestial traitstones. I reached a traiting bottleneck due to a lack of celestiais even before the soulforge came out. I’ve put all of my coloured jewels into crafting celestials and I’m still missing near 100 celestials.


Why does PS4 get 150?


They have to be compensated for not being as cool as pc/mobile. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And totally think the daily 50 gem offer is worth it. Unless you’re not averaging more gems coming in than going out.


Your income of gems has nothing to do with whether it’s worth it or not. No matter what your income the math is the same. Is it worth 1800 gems to save 2 weeks wait time?


There was some problem with the store and they weren’t able to get the 5 dollar pack in, so they are offering it for 150 gems. It was only supposed to be for a little while they said, but it has been weeks now.


It does actually matter in that if you don’t have enough coming in you can’t really purchase the packs now can you?


It seems you’ve missed the point completely. It doesn’t matter if you can or can’t afford them every day, the question is are they worth it?


It was great to see the maths. I have all mythics aside from xanthosis(forgive the spelling) and pharo-ra.

I always buy the 50 pack as every exclusive release I see one guild mate burn through more resources than I have and fail to get the mythic.

It will happen to me eventually. For a 50 percent extra cost to get the mythic I need… bargin… unless it is Pharo who has been kicked out of drop pool


Who spit in your cereal? I haven’t missed any point. I read your math and other people’s opinions then provided my own opinion that I feel it’s worth buying them daily. You did after all request people voice their opinions on this, right?

Whether paying more gems to shave 2 weeks is worth it is highly subjective and depends on a lot of little factors that each individual may value more or less than others. If you’re impatient it might be. If you’re patient it might not be. If you value jewels, shards and/or runics over duplicate troops to trade in for a pitence of souls then probably worth it. If you don’t consider yourself lucky with chests again probably worth it to save yourself heartache & disappointment by buying more diamonds.

I’ll repeat but with more detail, it most certainly DOES factor in and WILL affect one’s opinion on whether it’s worth shaving time between mythics. If you earn tons of gems/week you’re likely to feel it’s worth spending some extras on daily packs to get a mythic faster. If you’re struggling getting gems you’re most likely going to take the frugal route and wait the extra 2 weeks. That’s a direct correlation of gem income to one’s opinion on worthiness of purchasing daily packs.

Furthermore, if you can’t afford to purchase the packs everyday than your opinion will again likely be that it’s not worth trying to purchase more than just the Sunday pack. If you can afford it, then your opinion would be based on how much you value your wait time vs other resources you can acquire with those same gems. Again, low & behold your gem income will influence your opinion of the worthiness to purchase daily packs. I don’t recall you qualifying your request for people’s opinions to exclude opinions of those who can’t afford to purchase the daily packs.

My opinion is they are worth it because I don’t feel lucky with chests, I have a high enough income of gems to support it and gain enough keys that I typically don’t have to spend a hoard of gems to get newly released mythics, and I value the resources I gain from the daily packs over those I can receive from chests (can’t get jewels from chests and 24 runics for 300 gems certainly beats the runic drop rates in chests).

Many of us don’t have access to VIP chests so your calcs on the opportunity cost of losing 6 VIP chests/year are moot to us. Obviously if you can access VIP chests that may change your opinion of worthiness.

Am I still missing the point?? For the next time you ask for people’s opinions on something you’ve clearly made up your mind about already, perhaps consider not summarily dismissing those opinions so quickly and rudely or just don’t ask for them in the 1st place.


I think the economics term is “marginal value”. If you bring in 200+ gems a day, spending 50 of them on the gem pack is totally worth it. If you only collect 55/day, spending 50 on the gem pack probably isn’t worth it.


Sounds right. Long time since I’ve touched econ. Still understand the concepts just terrible with the terminology.

But thanks for reinforcing that gem income most certainly affects one’s opinion of the daily pack value.


The other piece of the equation is how you feel about RNG vs guarantees. You can spend the gems and know you’ll get a mythic you want in like 6 weeks. Or you can play the RNG game and potentially spend far more gems and never get it every 4 weeks.

It seems like the Crafting system is really under-appreciated but that’s a pretty big deal in my view. Obviously I’d rather get a free mythic of my choice every 2 weeks, but it’s pretty understandable why that can’t be given they only release 1/month.


I’m glad you made this thread because I didn’t even know this was a thing.


You mean the gem packs in the dungeon? Yeah it is a little hidden there. I actually didn’t know there was a gem pack for the 1st 2 weeks of the forge - only saw the $4.99 pack.


Fleg, by Sirian math 50 stones = summoning stone = slightly higher than 10 gems for gem key equivalent. 4 runic stones are very needed too.
You seem to only care about diamonds and mythics, so probably not worth it to you. I’m stock piling for future soul forge weapons.


Don’t forget, if you instead spent that extra 15,000 gems per year on gem/VIP keys it would get you lots of runics, arcanes Legendarys etc.


Wait what?