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A Ninja Buff to Bounty!?

Ok, so I just completed my dungeons for today and noticed something very interesting…

There was no % quantifiers on the diamonds. I just earned 20/20/30 for the boss battles. I was at first very excited but then realized that there was no jewel associated so apparently Sunday, the 7th day, is Diamond Day. Ok…


I purchased the 50 gem bounty pack and noticed it came with 80 diamonds instead of 20 like every other day. Is this the new bounty or is that merely because today is diamond day and I’m just putting all the pieces together as I type this…


tl;dr I’m an idiot who thought the dev’s had decided to change dungeons and bounties to guaranteed diamonds… I expect to see % again tomorrow which will make me :sob:

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yup you see more diamond cause of lucky diamond day, tomorow you will be back with 25% diamond drop in dungeon and 20 diamond in the bounty :slight_smile:

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I got more and more depressed as I typed and my brain put the pieces together. :cry:

But then it was so damn funny I had to post to others could laugh at my folly! :joy:


I had a similar moment in another game this morning… sat there trying to figure out what had changed with a recent update to something, only to realise after a moment said thing didn’t exist before the update ><


Pretty sure it was both the Day of Luck, and a ninja buff to the purchasables. Heres what the numbers look like on my low level account, which has not been restarted since the day of the patch:

I hope the other days have been similarly buffed with regard to the Gem Bounty. As it stands, you pay 50 gems for about 24 diamonds and 100 colored jewels on Monday-Saturday, but 84 diamonds and 2 gem keys on Sunday, making the Sunday pack about four times as valuable unless summoning stones are a lot better than we anticipate. I also hope the gems removed from tasks and converted into diamonds are converted at this exchange rate, and not the other days.

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I think VIP should get a bonus to every gem/diamond/shard earned via the dungeons. Rather then screw us again make VIP actually good again for a change.


Give the same bonus then when you buy something in the store

Bigger is your vip level better is the bonus

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I totally agree that VIP players should get something more. After all, many of us spit a lot of money into this game.