Yeah, this is a pretty dumb question about earning Diamonds

I’ve played this game a ton, but what is the criteria for earning diamonds? I see you can:

  • Buy them with money
  • Do tasks to earn them
  • Get some buy doing treasure maps
  • And probably some more quest/task oriented stuff

But I notice my diamonds slowly inch up playing Challenges or PvP.

So where/what am I doing that is making me earn diamonds? Is it 5-gem matches or something?

Not the matches, they don’t play into it at all. Sometimes you will get some from successful defends, but you also get some when your kingdoms give you tribute.

Sorry if it sound rude, but, consoles versions are so F’d up right now, that wouldn’t be hard to believe that the “code” for cascades to give maps instead of gems, wouldn’t have been implemented yet.

When you say “Do task to earn them” do you refer to Guild Task or the Task on the main screen? I believe both of those award gems and you seem to be only counting one.

He Serale,

I’m not sure about how accurate the guild rewards are since I’ve only done them a few times.

I was referring earning diamonds (or any other reward like gold or souls), coming from the tasks in the upper left corner. Many of the tasks are coded wrong, or incorrectly described. This goes for the Xboe One version at least (I’m not sure about PC/PS4).

For example, I did one yesterday that said “win 7 battles in arena”. It is wrong. I won 7 fights in PvP and it counted against the 7 fights. So either it is coded wrong, or it meant to be 7 PvP wins, but was described wrong.

The tasks have tons of issues.

Another one is “win 3 defends”. But when you press the button to see more details about it, the progress says 0/5. So which is it supposed to be? I believe the game uses best of 5, so the “win 3” is described wrong.

And yeah, the console version is maybe 2 steps back of the PC game. I’ve only really checked out this site lately and I see so many extra creatures, an extra city, extra stuff only the PC game has. The console game has the pop up box lately saying there’s new traitstones coming and such, but I have no idea if this stuff is really coming to consoles or not, since other stuff in the PC game aren’t there already.

I see good Sir… Well the guild tasks can be completed by any member of the guild and those award 2-10 Gems (Depending on your guild level) to each of the guild members, even to those who didnt help. So you could br winning gems from there, whenever you go to the guild tab, if any guild tasks it’s been complete, it should show at the bottom right of your screen as soon as you open the guild tab.

Actually the task says win 5 defenses and shows 0/3. And you only need to win 3 defends to do it.

On consoles in general, there are a LOT of issues with the wording and coding of the Tasks in the upper left-hand corner. 505 has been made aware of this, as it’s been mentioned in tons of other threads on here. As @RiverSong said, what gems you match don’t have anything to do with getting Diamonds after the battle. They can come from treasure maps, some Tasks in the upper left-hand corner, or from Guild Tasks, even if you don’t contribute.

By the way, @Serale, the code for getting treasure maps from cascades IS in the console version. I can confirm that since I got two that way in the last 24 hours.

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Getting maps after a 6+ cascade chain definitely exists on the console, I get them like crazy with my “Rotating Board” team.

  1. Treasure maps can give you a few gems.
  2. Some guild tasks can give a few gems.
  3. Some daily tasks (console only) give gems.
  4. When you earn multiple tributes at the same time, you gain N-1 gems. (Where N is the number of tributes)
  5. You can buy gems in the store!

Numbers 1 and #2 are, at best, a tiny trickle of gems.
Number 3 can be fairly significant, especially as you rise in levels and get more difficult tasks. This is one reason the console players have an easier time economically than mobile players.

Number 4 can be your primary source of gems, once you hit the endgame. If you have 20 kingdoms at level 10, you have about a 55% chance of earning 1 or more gems every time you log in, up to once an hour. I earn about 12 gems a day this way - I’m level 300 and have been playing the game daily for well over a year, so don’t expect to match that sort of gem income quickly.

Also, don’t discount #5. The $5 option for gems is a VERY good deal if you can wait out the full 15 days. And even that small spend can get you some VIP points, which make things even easier.

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