**FAKE** Patch Notes for a better Gems of War

NOT coming to you anytime soon:

Towers of Doom Quality of Life overhaul

All rooms when completed by any guild member will display the scroll obtained for any other guild member that views that room. The only time you’ll see “random scroll” is if no one else in the guild has completed that floor’s room.

Arrows have been added to each floor that allow players to view the previous and next floors, as long as those floors have been discovered and completed by another guild member. This will allow a player to see upcoming scrolls in the next floor, so they can plan the usage of their fireball and heroism scrolls and their sigil usage.

Mythic Guild Tasks

For guilds who are no longer focusing on the new player experience, and want to provide their members with proper end game content, here comes Mythic tasks, a step up from Legendary.

Guilds that wish to pursue Mythic tasks must meet the level and trophy requirements to participate. Once unlocked, after completing all normal and epic tasks, up to 25 mythic tasks may be completed per week, after which it will revert to legendary tasks. This is to ensure that guilds don’t need to hoard gold for any particular week.

Each mythic task costs 2 million gold. The task rewards will be among the following: cursed runes, writs, imperial deed, mythic troop, gem keys, vip keys, event keys, major orb of chaos, vault key, and epic vault key.

Gone from mythic tasks are glory, legendary troops, glory keys, rune stones, etc. Things that are geared toward players still leveling up.

World Event Quality of Life

When selecting an enemy on the world Event map, the exact points you will get are displayed, with enemy troop level, rarity, and multipliers all taken into account. For variable points, the range is displayed. No more tricking players who don’t visit the forums.

Treasure Hunt Revamp

Rewards are now based on your player level and can include things like minor orbs, vault keys, chaos shards, writs, and song verses for high level players.

You can also pause a treasure hunt and exit it and it will save your progress. Join back into it whenever you want.

Arena and Valor revamp

Want to test your Arena strength? After a 6 win run with 0 losses, you can now opt to continue your run using your same team. But things are a little different… All allied and enemy troops have all traits activated and you lose 1 life. You must complete a perfect 6-0 run again to enter the third stage.

In the third stage, the stakes are even higher. All allied and enemy troops are level 20 in addition to having all traits unlocked. However, you will also be able to remove one of your troops and replace it with one of three random Legendary troops. Complete a other perfect run to continue to the last stage.

In the last stage, you’ll again be able to trade one of your troops, this time for a Mythic troop. The enemy team however is also 5 levels higher than you at level 25. Complete the run to advance to the last stage.

In the fifth and final stage, you’ll fight against a level 30 team. Complete it to earn your rewards.

Rewards will be based on your score.

Each win is 5 points. A 6 win run is 30 points. Completing a stage awards that many points in stage number * 100. So the first stage is 100 points and the last stage is 500 points.

Rewards can include things like minor orbs of chaos, writs, chaos shards, ample trophies, gem keys, event keys, etc.

Balancing Act

A huge number of underused and underpowered troops and weapons of all rarities have had a pass over to ensure they remain relevant! Power Creep sucks, but it sucks more when the original troops and weapons weren’t even good to begin with.

New Leveling Rewards

The current system rewards players with 1 Event Key and 100 Glory. Our new system will breathe some life into leveling again!

Level Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3 Reward 4 Reward 5
1000-1199 100 Glory 1 Event Key
1200-1399 100 Glory 1 Event Key 2 Gem Keys
1400-1599 150 Glory 1 Event Key 2 Gem Keys 25 Writs
1600-1799 200 Glory 2 Event Keys 2 Gem Keys 50 Writs 1 Minor Orb of Chaos
1800-1999 250 Glory 3 Event Keys 5 Gem Keys 100 Writs 1 Minor Orb of Chaos
2000+ 500 Glory 5 Event Keys 10 Gem Keys 250 Writs 1 Minor Orb of Chaos

Various bugfixes and improvements:

  • The Adventurer’s Path icon only appears on the world map when there are new quests or hero levels available
  • Checking the Shrines tab clears the (!) notification
  • Copying a team with unset talents does not unset any talents on your class
  • Entering a non-event battle with event medals set triggers a reminder to remove the event medals
  • Event shops are correctly populated at daily reset
  • Choosing “do task” for campaign explore task takes you to the correct kingdom
  • Kingdom Progress daily offers have been reworked to offer only relevant offers
  • Class talents selected are now set per-team, not globally
  • PVP defense rewards scale with player level
  • Pet Gnomes encountered while a Pet Rescue is in progress drop a Pet Gnome Bait
  • Explore UI flow improvements: “Next battle!” button added to rewards screen
  • Filter, including text search, added to Classes tab
  • legacy weapons and cosmetic pets are now craftable using Cursed Runes
  • URLs pasted into chat are now clickable

(I imagine this would be a spammy nightmare in global chat, but it would be really useful in guild chat)


We’ve hired an additional programmer who will take over the bug report section of the forums and whose main task is to fix bugs and shortcomings.

We’ve hired additional community staff that will engage with the forums.

  • Important news concerning the game and patch notes are now accessible in-game.
  • The server code has been reworked to be able to handle the load.
  • We’ve invested in a spellchecker (SYKE it came for free with Windows).
  • Translations have been given a QA pass and will be done by professionals in the future.
  • You may now freely choose from any previously completed delve difficulty.
  • You may now choose to open up to 2500 chests at a time.
  • Underwhelming classes have been reworked.
  • Campaign chores will no longer generate tasks spanning more than a day.
  • Medals are now stored as part of your team.
  • The world map and other UI elements have been seriously de-cluttered.
  • The Guild Wars score bug has been fixed.
  • Traits will no longer erroneously credit the wrong team (extra-turns, mana generation, debuffs).
  • A button has been added which will list the troops that can be obtained from event chests at the time of clicking.
  • Pet rescues will now always send out the correct notification.
  • Heroic gems now have an associated colour and will always correctly interact with troops such as The Grey King, troops that boost off gems of a certain colour, etc.
  • Some resource conversions and real money offers have been reworked to be less insulting to intelligent life.
  • Daily Deals have been reworked to always offer something useful to the player (not necessarily aiding account progression).
  • World Event icons have learned how to stop bouncing because we’ve learned how to math.
  • Summoned troops will no longer erroneously inherit the previous troop’s traits.
  • We have corrected an issue where some loading screen backgrounds were using the wrong resolution.
  • Players may now choose which currency they want to use for Soulforge upgrades.
  • The team code parser has been reworked to be less pedantic. No banner? No problem. No class? No problem. No talent? Join 505 today.

Great and needed improvement already mentioned above.
I will add few points as additional:

  • 3 days faction assaults instead of one day.
  • View Troops in Event keys
  • View new available troops of the week.
  • Adding Market place in the game to Auction additional cards
  • Player notes to save Team’s code or write their own notes.

The Vault Overhaul

  • Cedric will no longer drop its card once its ascended to Mythic

  • Replace the Daemon Gnome with a Cursed Gnome in Epic Vault fights.

  • Replace two Treasure Gnomes with each of the following: Jewel, Glory, Mecha or Soul Gnome.

  • King Cedric now has a chance to drop a VIP Key.


A Market place would be useful for anyone who has duplicate Mythics and wants to make some extra Gems.


The only thing we need now is YOU

Are you either able and have the knowledge or willing to get this knowledge to found a company which is interested to create this awesome game
do you have skills in programming this awesome game or willing to get the required skills to program this awesome game?

Just leave a comment below
We gonna call you back :stuck_out_tongue:

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List Of Top Game Development Companies

  1. The NineHertz
  2. iTechArt
  3. Zero Games Studio
  4. Electronic Arts
  5. Nintendo
  6. Ubisoft
  7. Sony Interactive Entertainment
  8. Activision Blizzard
  9. Epic Games
  10. Gameloft
  11. Square Enix
  12. Bungie Inc.

All great stuff above.
I would like to see the honesty patch.
“We acknowledge we let you down but we will do better.”
No chance : a bit like still expecting an apology for the Arachnaean Weaver debacle.
Every patch should have a notice - “buyer beware.”
What we can expect- patches worse than the last patch- nearly guaranteed.

  • Icon to indicate active delve attempt.
    In this image: City of Thieves would be active (doesn’t have to be the icon I used)
    and Lyrasza’s Lair is not active because icon not there.

  • GAP Timer placement (Gnome-a-Palooza)
    The timer could be placed anywhere in the red boxes or move over the gold souls and treasure maps to make room. Whatever it takes to not have it on the main screen where nobody is looking during the Gnome-a-Palooza.


@Jeto @OminousGMan Any love pleeeeeeeeeeeese and have a :cookie:

Also if you would like please rate the possibility of any of these be implemented or passed on for consideration from any of the post listed above or after mine thank you ( have another :cookie: )


Preach it cookie!! Cause boy we are so in need of these QOL improvements.:tired_face:

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Pity VK counter will now always be visible during Vault events, even if a pet rescue is active.


Wonderful ideas. I fear they’d break the game even more, if some of these were implemented. Kudos for making this thread :clap:

I will not add anything, cause you already gave 10 years of work here :smiley:

I just want one thing: An option to send messages to guild members. We have a chat, and we have a mail system. How hard can it be to combine those two?

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Probably one of the least important suggestions… but it shouldn’t be possible to give Honours to players that are already Revered.

Always found it odd that Honours can be wasted because of this :upside_down_face:


This thread has so many amazing suggestions and additions to my fake patch notes, I never expected to get so many replies! Thanks all :wink:


@igniteice, thank you for starting this thread.

Even if they implement 10% of these suggestions, it will be a significant improvement.

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