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Faction Events Team

Hi all.

Just looking for some help getting a good team together for the faction event.

Here’s my collection…

GoW Collection

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,

Morph x

No recommendations? :frowning:


During weekends the movement in the forums tends to drop down a little. Anyway, for Crypt Keepers you could try using:

Crimson Bat + Ragnagord + Azura + Hero (any green weapon and/or Yellow weapon you prefer.)

If this team gets its order changed you still can manage some decent mana generation with the exploders, but if the order remains intact Crimson Bat fully upgraded deals a lot of damage with skulls and Azura also help on that if she reduces the total HP of the enemies.

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I use Flame Troll, Summer’s Fury +8 (on a level 100 warlord…but dragon guard level 20 with firestorm is also ok), Ragnagord (fully traited), Ogryn (fully traited).

Until I got all the Crypt Keeper troops O used:

Grave Seer
Deathknight hero with Secrets of the Crypt

Though any Dragon team would suffice, though I see you don’t have Krystenax.

Giants might work for you:

Fire Giant

I’m currently using

Sadly, I don’t have it either😢.