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Extend Tuesday’s Faction Assault until Thursday

Investing billions of gold is unlikely to be a valid option to a new / midgame player. Particularly now that gold sink is colossal within the game (kingdoms, new faction to 100, guild tasks and so on.

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if i were a new/midgame player, i’d personally ignore faction event apart from getting few rewards from it, or use them to get some basic reown in faction to start gaining some bonueses (gold, ingots) - just do enough to use up my sigils, maybe do some daily ones. Just do full clears on lvl 20,30 and fast forward to boss room from lvl 40 and up.

It depends how you define new players /midgame players /endgame players.
For me, you are a new player until you can finish all 3 dungeon fights on daily basis(lvl 40 enemies)/or do all pet event battles(lvl 100 enemies). Maybe add all kingdoms up to lvl 10.
Than midgame starts.
Mid game ends probably when you start planing on doing all faction on 500 (or maybe pure factions), when you are basicaly blocked with kingdom power levels with mythics/mythic pets.

Endgame player should be able to win 3 thropy ranked fights vs any given team. And be able to compose 6 decent mono-colored teams for GW.

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I disagree. Catching up on factions in the long run is gonna burn your brain because you will have to go all out each Tuesday when you have the gem stash to do so. It’s a painful experience and there are many threads that have said so. The devs continue to ignore this. Pets are vital to long term progression and factions are the only guaranteed source. So I would save my gems and aim them at each monthly faction. But either way the OP wants Tuesday faction event extended; we all do. I’ve done one full tuesday run and it made me want to quit the game. Why would any game developer with any sense advocate such abusive game modes?

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And I disagree with you.
You dont need to burn gems and time to do a pure 500 on Tuesday. That’s fast pace gaming and not everybody likes such comitment. But it isn’t the only option out there.
You can do it with slow pace, without potions, using your daily delves after putting some gold into your hoards. Many of them are doable with hoard below 200. Depends what you prefere more - either throwing away a single day of your life for a game, or slowly progressing over time, until you reach the point when you have it done.

It all depends from a player. I suggest early/midgame players to go with slow pace. That way they won’t feel game requires from them to comit to much time, so they are less likely to drop off/burn out before experiencing all aspects of the game.

But i guess it would be nice to keep faction weekly event, after releasing the last faction.
Another good option would be, to allow players to play any level they already beat in the delve screen. (so that, you could f.e. try a pure 300 after doing lvl 500 faction).

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I’d love for this to happen but it won’t. An F2P game is a jealous, abusive partner. Keep in mind “abuse” need not be physical: an abusive relationship is one where the abuser’s feelings and goals always come before and at the expense of the abused’s.

F2P games don’t like it when you pay attention to other things. The time you spend on another game could be money you spend on another game, so they will try and punish you for making that choice. GoW does this by making you lose power if you can’t log in every tribute and play a few games. You will have fewer resources, you will see fewer pet rescues, and ultimately you will reach a wall where the only way to progress your kingdom power is to give GoW your attention for 20-30 minutes 8-10 times daily. You can’t amortize this ~5-10 hours of play time per week: if you try to be a “Weekend Warrior” and do all your reqs from Friday-Sunday you miss 5 whole days of tributes and additional bonuses that you’d get if you could do it daily.

That’s why events like faction assault are 1-day-only. They are your punishment for not buying 20+ tiers and devoting an entire weekend to GoW. If you do not do Faction 500 over that weekend, you can expect to either have to rush it all in one day or spend months trying it without potion bonuses.

Of course, like an abuser, GoW will point out they aren’t “punishing” you but being “fair”. GoW wanted you to spend $50 and an entire weekend making it feel special. You wanted to play The Last of Us 2. Since you didn’t give GoW what it wants, it’s only fair that it doesn’t give you something you want too, right?

(I heard a long sermon once about “fair”. The gist of the sermon was usually when people want what’s “fair”, if you examine the definition you realize “fair” and “beneficial to me without regard to equity” are one and the same. The point was we want “just” behavior, which is always equitable, not “fair” behavior, which follows irrational rules.)

But ask yourself the question nobody who defends GoW asks: when have you ever asked GoW to make an accomodation for your needs and it made it without requiring a thread that takes months of time and thousands of replies? How many times have players laid out what they want from GoW and either been told “no” or “We’ll totally do it” followed by actions that have nothing to do with the request? Do you really think your wants and needs matter to GoW?

GoW wants players who spend time and money reliably. It believes the only way it can get money is to make you feel a serious loss if you don’t also spend time. Can’t do both? Well, maybe your “family” or “friends” or “other games” will do your faction assaults for you if you need them so much.

Most people agree GoW could do really well for itself if for a modest amount of money per month one could “keep up” with a casual investment of time. GoW’s goal is not to “do really well” but to “make the most money”. The publisher’s goal is to make the most money possible by choosing high risk/high reward moves, not lower risk/lower reward moves. They want to put 5 games on the market and hope 1 of them goes viral, they’re OK if the other 4 fail. That means player desires will always take a backseat to what is most statistically proven to convince people with a weakness for gambling addictions to overspend.

Don’t like it? The only part of this equation you can control is whether you spend another dime on F2P games. I don’t mean just GoW, I mean F2P games in general. The entire industry is predicated on preying upon people weak to forms of addiction. Play “free to start” games or “pay to play” games. Make those a provable source of revenue. Even ethical free to play games always devolve into something abusive. Don’t support it if you don’t want it.


I’d be happier if they allowed me to use the sigils I paid gems for, but I’d settle for at least being given credit for finishing a run two to three minutes past reset.

I think I was 30 seconds too slow last night. My clock still said :59, not :00. Probably the 4th time I’ve done that. Anyway, my fault for moving slow.

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What you are suggesting is using gems to shortcut the horror of a 1 day grind. How many new or mid game players have that gem revenue without spending cold hard cash? Amanthrax is nor a 3 fight delve so how do you justify this as a strategy that applies in general. You are clearly high VIP and that’s fine but why would anyone in the early stages of new/mid game spend to that extent. My Avg horde is 103. My renown is almost 48k and my VIP is 1. You are answering this thread from a cash spending perspective and not from an objective stand point

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Have to agree on this subject

Why is a spending perspective inherently not an objective standpoint?

I do think that factions need to be adjusted, though difficulty needs to go up faster. Delves should be going up 30-50 levels at a time instead of 10. Or make all the event like high jump, if you can skip and beat 500 in the first try then go do it, if you screw up then the game can request you to pay 49 sigils again to skip levels 20-490 a second time.

They can request charging for gems but even if I pay 4000 gems I’m still asked to grind 3 hours in a day. That’s where it’s annoying.

This extends out to basically every event game mode.

If you buy enough potions; all levels are simple - so, why bother with a test? Maybe players should get a bump in starting level, rather than sigils, for each tier purchased. Buy tier 1 - you start at level 30, rather than 20. If you buy T7x7 - you start at level 390 with 3 sigils remaining.

Hmm…that doesn’t sound fair, does it? The higher you start (e.g. more you spend) the more punished you are.

You can make it so that skip _ levels automatically calculates the rewards of the levels skipped. Sort of like how you use fireball/heroism in tower of doom it just drops you some material. Each delve has an expected rewards calculation so it could be just extrapolated. Doesn’t need to be exact, just needs to be close enough that the time savings are worth it.

There is no way you can complete some factions in 3 hours no matter how many tiers you buy. Shortcuts are an option but regardless of that, some factions have a minimum fight requirement of 5 to progress. Doing amanthrax in a single day will be a nightmare; simple as.

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You are totaly wrong about me. Im VIP 0. I don’t even have deathknight armor. If you’re looking for a free to play player definition - you could point at me. I’m also playing slow pace whole time, since i started.

Now, one thing about delves -> when i started playing, they were just released. I did them daily at the begining. Than hit a wall, which i couldnt pass with any team (no matter which delve i picked). After that i skipped daily for some time… and got back with some stronger team/hero classes. Now i’m at the point where i have all on 500, with few that have pure faction on 500. (total reown ~47k)

My highest hoard is 123 and it’s that high only because i wanted to make it to quality 10.
Currently i’m spending about 2,5k gems whenever new faction is released to make pure faction on weekend, do tuesday event (without spending any gems -> if i dont get final reward, than it’s fine, i dont need more orbs), and ignore daily delving- apart from trying pure 500 every now and then with factions i’m missing.

Why i spend those gems on weekends? Because spending 2,5k gems on factions is more benefitial than spending 2,5k gems on cosmetic pet baskets (both give mythic pet needed for power leveling, but factions reown give other bonuses -> stats and gold) and besides that -> i do pure 500 on weekend and i can forget about that faction delving.
As for gems, and where i got them -> i had arround 12-13k gems on my character before i started doing pure 500 on release. With good guild, and without unnecessary gem spending you can save a lot every week. My current gem pool melted to sth like 5,8k gems and with current pace of spending/gathering gems it will probably be enough for another 2-3 factions released.

Anyways, for me it’s 100 times more possible that i’d rather rise all hoards to lvl 400, than spend whole day on delving to push pure faction from lvl 20 to lvl 500… i prefer to spend my time on something less boring (and besides that - it gives me a long term goal to do :wink: ).


Good luck with the all hordes to 400 approach; that’s a lot of gold and seeing as you don’t farm delves each day, I have no idea where you’re gonna get the colossal amount of treasure troops you need to make that a viable strategy. But fair enough. The OP is about extending the event duration due to its extensive grind commitment and as you pointed out 2.5k can get that done. But some players simply don’t have the time or the appetite for the tedium required to do so. I certainly fall into that category and that’s why I’ve only ever done it once. I won’t be doing it again, it’s way too much boredom for me to stomach.

that’s why these events should either:

  • move to weekend ones, after releasing last faction (still need to grind all levels from 20 to 500, but that’s quite doable with some reasonable time)
  • allow players to pick any already passed lvl for half of rewards in the daily delves (either after finishing lvl 500, or at any time), instead of lvl 50 as it’s now

both options would give players an oportunity to easier do pure factions at final level (one without sacrificing whole day for delving, but with gem spending as it is now, second with a chance to slowly progress pure faction levels and getting some ascentions for pets on the way -> lvl 300 is kind of break point as 2300 reowns gives you enough pets for legendary faction pet)

Sadly I fear there is very little chance of this happening. It has been proposed to do this by the community for a considerable time and the devs instead moved raid or invasion to weekend slots when there wasn’t an existing event like bounty for example. A smart gem sink move by them and a clear example that excessive one day faction eventing is of no concern. The age old answer is “nobody is forcing you to do it, it’s your choice blah blah” and that continues unabated. If however they actually thought about it from a business standpoint it would make sound economic sense. Most players only use free sigils or spendd 30 gems to complete the Tuesday faction rewards. If the event was weekend based many of those players might be tempted to spend 10 times that amount to finish the faction entirely. I know I would. But if they do that they have to introduce new measures to slow us down because the faction pets would increase Kingdom strength. Either way Tuesday faction runs to full renown are an abusive disgrace.