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Explore mode drop rates different for different kingdoms?

Obviously I know what the answer to this will be but I wanted to put it out there anyway.

I’ve been farming arcanes for a few days. I’m running a “circuit” of kingdoms and moving on to the next as soon as a celestial or arcane drops. I’m farming in this order:

Maugrim - Ghulvania - Divinion - Zhulkari - Mist of Scales - Blighted - Khetar - back to Maugrim

I’m seeing normal drop rates across the board (based on my own experience across hundreds of Explores) EXCEPT in Divinion Fields. The drop rate there is 1/3 what I’m seeing elsewhere. And it’s consistent. I spend between 15 and 60 minutes in each kingdom. My shortest stint in Divinion before an arcane drop was almost 3 hours.

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My explores have so far only been divided into mainly three kingdoms. I didn’t record which drops went where, but no data set I have was that inconsistent. Most sets spanned hundreds of battles over several days, though, and I don’t have any data for that kingdom specifically. Probably just another sample size/streak issue.

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The drop rates are the same for every kingdom.


I levelled my hero classes in explore mode staying in one kingdom to farm the traitstones I was short of - so 250 games. Sometimes I would go for 40 games with nothing then get 2 or 3 within the next ten or so games. Other times I would start off lucky and they would come up at roughly equal intervals.
The other day I needed to farm 7 swamp for the mythic and whilst I had an extremely slow start what kept me optimistically going was the knowledge that they would drop in the prescribed numbers as indeed they did !

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The funny thing is, this is predictably consistent. Got my first arcane in Maugrim today on my very first battle. I’m almost 50 battles in on Divinion and still nothing.

It’s only Divinion Fields, that’s what is weird.

I’ve been doing traitstone farms like a madman lately and my experience has been that there’s equal drop rates across all kingdoms, Divinion Fields included, which I have done as much as Maugrim or any others.

There’s a few vids up on my channel showing my technique; I’ve repeated it across all the kingdoms.

I know it sucks, but you’re just having a crummy run. Keep hope alive :slight_smile:

I’m actually having a great run - from the other kingdoms, I’m averaging about 1 arcane every 10 battles. I had a run last night where I got 4 stones in about 20 minutes.

Then I hit Divinion Fields…

It’s getting worse. LOL

In the last 3 days, I’ve gotten an arcane on the 1st or 2nd battle in Ghulvania FOUR times. That’s right - in like 6 or 7 battles in Ghulvania I’ve gotten 4 arcanes.

In Maugrim, Mist of Scales, Zhulkari, Blighted, and Khetar, I’m holding right at the same 1-in-15 average.

In Divinion, I’ve done almost 100 battles and gotten 1.

5 / (100+6) = ~4.7%. Sounds good to me!

I decided this morning to start farming blue/purple. 39 battles in Khetar, 1 arcane. 6 battles in Glacial Peaks, 2 arcanes. I just love it. :smile: