Explore gold nerf?

I seem to be getting 2.3-3.0k gold per level 12 explore now instead of what I got weeks ago around 3.0-4.1k. I’m wondering if I’m just glitching out or if there’s an intentional decrease of gold in lv12 explore? Don’t see another post about it so I’ve decided to start one so other people can tell me if it’s a me problem here.

I did not have any active gold boosts past vip3 now or previously when I was getting higher gold payouts.

When you look at casual PVP, what difficulty does it show? There was a bug where that difficulty setting affected gold bonuses but not stats in Explore. It was fun while it lasted, but has been fixed. That may be the reason for your difference.

I checked it was on normal, My guildmate found that it was because of the gold boost I got from using alchemist vs. not using alchemist. Probably why Skele key team is so popular.

Summary of everything, False alarm.