Gold Nerf in Explore?

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Was getting this at lvl 12 explore yesterday:

Today, after clearing all my dailies, I am getting this:

If it matters, in between I bought this:

Am I missing something? Ninja update?

This bug has been fixed


Thanks for the clarification :relaxed::vulcan_salute:

Yes, they nerfed an Exploit. :grin:


Laaaaaaaaaame. Understandable, but still lame.


both screenshot show same amount of souls, 19. exp is hidden on the second screenshot. partial ninja fix?

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XP still 145, so only gold seems to have been adjusted :sweat_smile::vulcan_salute:

There is no way to multiply souls with difficulty?

Hey! I was having fun with my 11,199 gold per explore battle :rage: :grin:

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Not in the new explore mode. Souls are still affected by difficulty in arena and casual pvp.