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A Guide to Explore in v4.6

I’ve put together a written Guide to the new Explore mode at: paulius.50webs.com/gow-explore.html

It’s still a work in progress, but I hope it will provide a useful companion to the various video guides.

Please offer any suggestions or discussion of the guide in this thread.



Great summary! Thanks for putting it together, much appreciated!

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Are we allowed to post parts of your awesome guide in our discord of Taran’s guild?

So long as you give credit, including a link to the original, absolutely. :smiley:

Just added some new farming scenarios and additional information about Elite upgrades.

thanks man

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Just finished all the text and added internal navigation links. Main addition is more farming scenarios.

Please let me know if there’s anything wrong or missing. :smile:

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Just a comment about gold. You get 3.8k gold for a d12 match won with 100/100 gold, no cedric or such in team.
With cedric and 100% increase, you should get around 7-8k gold.
That’s singnifiantly more than the 5.2k gold from cedric on 3 trophy match in pvp…


Does the Cedric bonus stack with the Difficulty bonus?

Now that the gold exploit has been fixed, does that change the calculus for gold-farming?

From Beleth’s numbers, it would seem that it’s pretty close between T3 pvp and D12 for non-Cedric teams. Given how much faster T3 pvp is, that might tip the scales in favor of continuing to farm T3 pvp.

I didn’t actually track the Gold amounts, beyond what is listed on the Difficulty selector screen. I may have a look later, but you’ll have to see other people’s calculations for a firm assessment. My own tentative conclusion is unchanged. :slight_smile:

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These are incredibly helpful guides, to new and even a bit more experienced players. I’ve come back to them several times, and continue to use them even though I’ve been playing for a while. Thank you so much for putting the work into these. It’s much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, so much! :heart:

I’m sorry that I didn’t complete the last couple of Explore scenarios, and that the tables are 2 months out of date – my computer died and I don’t have Excel installed on the new one, yet. :frowning: