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Pvp gold nerffff?

Is there a reason there is a lot of us on xbox one who are 10+VIP and ring of wonder getting almost 1-2k gold less per PVP Fight than we were 2-3 weeks ago? Please answer this DEVS… We have supported your game and yet we are losing gold making our VIP worse than when we bought it.

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Check you armor, I made this mistake a few weeks ago.

Nope we have DK on. I think its a silent nerf or just something messing up before 3.3 drops

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I’ve beeb using money lender with alchemist and getting 4,200 tops, vip 6, deathknight armor, ps4.

Our biggest gold donator who did 8-10m every week pvp #1. Now only gets about 6-7m. So there was deffinately a nerf… yet they aren’t putting it in patch notes due to recieving negative feedback more than likely


Idk, I haven’t noticed anything, maybe put in a ticket to support.

Same here, on pc, vip 6 getting 3600+ and 4000+ with Alchemist Moneylender this week


Platform X1X, VIP 6, Death Knight Armor on, ‘My Bonuses’ Gold listed at +150%, Team Power 10,137.

3T PvP: 3.5k Gold (not using moneylender, or any Gold boosting troops)

It’s apparently been long-known that “for some reason”, players who are higher-level get awarded less gold than players that aren’t.

I have a feeling it has something to do with trying to scale rewards based on level, to encourage you to “punch up”, so to speak. But when you are at the top, you don’t really have many higher-level people to attack. So you get punished.


Can some one tag some devs to see if we can get some answers to this problem?

Just chill out for a few hours.

ALL the developers will be at work for the 3.3 deployment in the morning, see what your results are after the update is applied to the console. If you still believe you are not getting the correct amount you’ll have an easier time reporting it then.

I’m in a top tier guild on ps4. I’ll look again tonight.

We haven’t touched gold calculations at all in quite a while. There has been no nerf to gold, or any other resource gain lately.

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why is it alot of us on xbox one are getting a lot less gold then we were 2-3 weeks ago. Thanks for your quick response.

Gold is based on the ratio of your PvP team score to your opponent’s team score. With the recent new kingdoms & troops your team score likely increased enough to drop your ratio vs opponents to reduce the gold you’re getting.


Vanyel’s got it. I recall someone having me test an invade team with a lower score versus my main pvp team.

so basically leveling up kingdoms and getting the new troops punishes us in a way…

In a way, yes. The idea being that you’re stronger than your opponent so you get less gold for beating them. If you play a lower score team against their higher shore team you should see increased gold.

Its by no means ideal but there really hasn’t been a better way to handle it that’s not convoluted and a bear to program.

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Not seeing any change on PS4 it’s about the same as always. I’m used to the lower gold for being in a better guild / bracket now but that one stung for a long while. The ring helps but it’s a $27 a month sub that I have to buy now just to get close to what I was getting before the reduction due to the guild / bracket increase :frowning:

(just to clarify I’m lvl 1275 at 250% gold a 3T against a level 1206 10k team gave me 52 rank points and 5,233 gold and a 3T match against lvl 1182 just under 10k team gave me 49 rank points and 4,746 gold and our guild is on LT’s already which also lowers the payout I believe)

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we have done 20 LT so far so of that is the case makes since why gold has gone down