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Explore and Guild Guardians

I’ve noticed a pattern recently. Whenever you get a new troop, let’s say Xathenos (Who I just crafted today (Rip diamonds)), I have been seeing him appear on the Explore enemy team despite never appearing before today. Similar with Plague. It’s weird… why does that happen? I mean, I like the idea of enemies appearing once you own them but it is a surprise and a confusing one

Guild Guardians on the other hand… I thought and heard that if you get a Guild Guardian, let’s say Loyalty, to Mythic and get 4 copies, it won’t drop anymore but if that’s the case, why does she still drop despite her being at the requirement to stop dropping? I don’t get it. In my case, Sacrifice, Loyalty and Courage are all Mythic with more than 4 copies. The other 3 are still Epic or Legendary. Does the restriction only apply if you have all guardians maxed?

That’s it.


Really? Well… that really pains me as I used 3 orbs of ascension on 3 guardians (Legendary to Mythic), thinking they won’t appear once they got mythic and 4 copies… well… live and learn I guess.

Yea, it would be nice if they made that more clear in game.

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This is why I don’t 100% trust some of the “best kingdom to farm for colored snotgems” lists. What they tend to assume is “you will face a random mix of the troops that belong to that kingdom.”

I can’t find it anywhere, but what I understood the algorithm can also choose to replace a troop with “an event troop”, which may include anything from the quests of that kingdom, or the event kingdom teams. Or, it’s possible you can face teams from the quests of the kingdom you’re in, which might include troops from other kingdoms for various reasons.

So my theory explains what you are seeing: this week is Sin of Marriage Event Week. There is a quest in which you face the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. So War is within the possible Explore troops you can face this week.

I’ve seen it before in that one week I remember no matter where I explored, Champion of Anu could rear his stinky head and it made those matches slower.

I think the rule is you face a challenge team from the kingdom youre exploring, with 1 troop being randomly replaced by 1 of the troops you own, tho a few people have reported they occasionally saw troops they didnt own. Im not sure whether or not event troops are more likely to sneak into the team

Since one troop in a random position is always replaced by a random troop regardless of which Kingdom you choose, the assumption of no troops being replaced is completely valid for the purpose of determining the best Kingdom to farm.

I found the same thing. You will not face a mythic in enemy team unless you have it.

And congrats on crafting Xathenos.

I never knew marriage was considered a sin :joy:

But anyhow i do disgree with some of the comments here.
There has been sightings from some of my guild members and from personal experience where an un-owned mythic has appeared in explore.

I had 2 occasions where Plague appeared in Glacial peaks and Drakuulis (before owning him) in Maugrim woods.

My second account has fought Ubastet but I don’t own it

As it mentioned somewhere else, the random troops that replaced Quest/Challenge troops come from 2 drop pools; the 10%/20% event troops and the Mythic troops you own. So it’s entirely possible to face Arachnaean Weaver in explore if it’s Elf/Monster/Zhul’Kari week without owning it. Noted that some Mythics do actually appear in natural Quest/Challenge; like Abynassia, Scorpius, Gargantaur. King Gorgotha is another exception.


OK so if I glue together people’s feedback, this is actually how the troops are generated:

  • 4 random troops from the Explore kingdom are selected.
  • 1 troop may (probability?) be replaced by either:
    • A legendary/mythic from the event key pool.
    • A mythic you own.

This theory meshes with all of the current reports:

  • “But I saw something that wasn’t from the kingdom!” is addressed because any mythic you own or an event troop can appear.
  • “But I didn’t own this mythic when it appeared!” is addressed because that mythic might’ve been in the event pool for that week.

Not quite. My understanding based on some significant analysis back when Explore first came out:

  • A Quest or Challenge team is selected from the Explore Kingdom
  • 1 Troop is always replaced by a Troop of any rarity from the event pool or a Mythic Troop you own.

Many quests use troops from completely different Kingdoms, so you don’t always get Troops from the Explore Kingdom in an Explore.

Because the teams are always based on a Quest or Challenge team, it’s possible to analyse which Kingdoms have the highest probability of a type of troop, e.g. green troops, Elves, etc.


I agree with your theory but this has been the biggest disagreement I’ve found.

Some people insist it’s only kingdom troops. Other people insist it’s quest troops. My experience is it seems to be quest troops.

It’s quite obvious that Explore battle team are pulled from Quests/Challenges, especially in Sin of Maraj’s Explore, when the memories of questline/farming challenges; with their 7 Deadly Sins themed battles, are still fresh. You could vaguely guess what the original team used to be and which troop get replaced. So Actreal’s prediction are as close as it could be.

Now… those random appearance of Treasure Gnomes/Pet Gnomes without the bag symbol in explore is quite mysterious. I can’t really explain how it’s coded to happen.

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