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Which troops show up in explore?

When you explore in a given kingdom, what is the pool from which the enemy troops are drawn? My understanding has been that you face a quest or challenge battle from that kingdom, possibly with a substitution. The substitution will be one of the legendary or mythic troops you own. (For instance, I never saw Gard’s Avatar in explore, but when I got him a week ago, boom, he starts showing up in my explore battles.)

But others in my guild have had a different experience. One person said he encountered an unattainable troop King Gorgotha in an explore battle. Is there a definitive word on this?

Thank you!

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Anything that RNGesus is pleased by! There are no rules!

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Hmm- maybe I should also point out this link from a year ago, which has at least partial information:

Any troops can show up in explore

Have you ever seen a mythic you don’t own in explore? I haven’t.

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yes I have

What you will encounter in explore are the sets of enemies you find in the quests and challenges, with one of them randomly replaced with another troop. I am not sure what the rules for the replacement troop is, but there are some, at least when it comes to mythics taking up that spot.

The pool of mythics you can see in explore is:

  • The ones you own.
  • The ones which are bound to be there in the battle you drew (example would be the Scorpius-battle in Bright Forest; if you end up with that set, he will be there unless he is the randomly replaced troop. Same goes for Abynissia in Blighted Lands or the Boss-Gorgotha in Khaziel.)
  • In very rare cases, I’ve seen one of the Horsemen I don’t own (or didn’t, at that time), appear in a battle.

Yes, and I believe the same is true for legendary troops. Most end-gamers don’t notice this b/c they have most of the legendaries. Having recently restarted, I immediately notice that when I get a new legendary, then it starts appearing in explore, but not before.

The king gorgotha troop is a rare appearance chance only when exploring in Khaziel. And yes, troops will only appear if in your collection. Mythics may be the exception to this.

I’ve also noticed that troops getting the weekly buff appear more frequently. This seems especially true for any mythics. But this could just be observer bias.

Also that goddamn Undine appears way more than he should lol. (cant’t be killed with sunbird)


That’s not true lots of troops I don’t have have shown up in explore

We’re talking about the randomly replaced troop, not the troops that are bound to be there.

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I know that

Wow- my experience is the opposite. Do you have an example?

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I have an unproven theory that the substitutions come predominantly from the Troop Types in the Lore page of the Event Kingdom.

Certainly I’ve seen a lot of Rogues as substitutions this week where Blackhawk is the Event Kingdom.


Lots of incorrect guesses above.

Explore: Quest or Challenge team with the possibility of a substitution of a weekly Event Kingdom troop.

This can’t be right. How do you explain me seeing Undine, Champion of Anu, Doomclaw, Gards Avatar, and Worldbreaker numerous times in explore this week (and no other mythics), when that is exactly the set of mythics I own? And the same thing every previous week. Just whacky RNG?

I don’t own lil jhonny and he shows up in Adana’s explore alot

Possibly he arises in one of their quest or challenges.

Nope I’ve played through all their quests and challenges he appears in Blackhawk as a talk through

  1. Bugs. On a few occasions back in the day they put out patches because ‘incorrect troops’ crept in to explore.
  2. The Troop may be present in a Quest or Challenge. As there is no “Replay quests” and they were updated at one point most players have no way of knowing the troop composition in quests.