Explore opponent question


Perhaps I am mistaken but aren’t all Explore opponents supposed to be from the kingdom selected? If so how did goblin get in Dragon’s Claw?


its not 100% that they will all be from the same kingdom. I’ve had some of the Mythics and a number of other troops making appearances in kingdoms other than their own.


@Nimhain is this a bug or intention? Ok thanks


Explore takes a randomly chosen Quest or Challenge Battle and replace one of your opponents with a random enemy. This random enemy is always a troop that you have leveled to 15+.


I’m curious as if there is another step somewhere, I’ve seen Plague and Famine show up in Explore, and I don’t own either of them, and as far as I know they don’t show up in any of the quests or challenges?


It is intendtional. As @CSZ said Explore mode takes a battles from the kingdom (either the quest or challenge) and replaces one of the troops with another.

This is how you may find a mythic troop (or Mega Gorgotha) in a explore battle) while explore that kingdom.

- Mega Gorgotha -

Got it. Thanks everyone for the info!