- Mega Gorgotha -

Hi all,
Just a post to speak about Mega Gorgotha

You will find it in the last quest of the kingdom of Khaziel. Or sometimes if you explore Khaziel.

This troop, a little in the shade, nevertheless deserves a little attention.
A legendary without 3rd special Trait. For or against …?
But actualy we can not use this troop in our composition.

Just a comparison with the features of Gorgotha.

Why not a “Legendary Trait” ? perhaps enough OP.

But I would like to see more this troop, be able to confront some of my teams against him.
Imagine that we have a space to test our compositions, where we can choose the composition of the troops in defense.

A little post for this troop which is a little forgotten.


Mega gorgotha can also be summoned by demon summoner troops, and can also drop in any explore but of course with not very high chance. Same way mythic troops like Horseman can drop, even tho they don’t even have their kingdom.


I think Mega Gorgotha doesn’t have Granite Skin is because it’d be ridiculously hard for questing players to deal with that on top of Mega Gorgotha’s existing skills.


looks like cool easter egg, im looking forward to meeting that s[/s] in the future :grin:

@Lyya mind adding it in your troop list? xD

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I believe you have to complete another kingdom’s questline to unlock it in Khaziel, but I can’t remember which kingdome that is at the moment…

This post reminds me that we need more bosses in Gems of War. :wink:


A boss for every Kingdom, I say!


I hear this is a boss :sunglasses:


Also doesn’t MG start in last spot when doing the quests. :wink:

Idea: what about having “Mega” as an ultimate form of a legendary troop? Like ascending past Mythical rarity, the troop might have an extra mana colour added and skill boosts (would require many copies, like 25)

No thanks. That’s essentially doubling the number of troops in the game, and would require massive investment from the devs.


Adana is the other storyline, since Sparkgrinder is one of the NPC hosts in the Mega Gorgotha storyline.


To be honest, Bone Dragon looks like what was left of the half chicken I had for lunch…


Mmmmm. Dragon for lunch sounds good. Maybe on a leafy salad or in a wrap?

Thanks! I knew someone else would remember :wink: