What's the oddest explore opponent team you've seen?

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Did you mean “Zeajin”? There seems to be Gnomes leakage there.

A bit of spoiler here

Mithran theorized that these Gnomes is coming from questline involving future Zeajin class called “Thief”

With the theme of stealing valuable items, it makes sense that we will have to fight a lot of Gnomes from The Vault to unlock this class.

As for random Infernus and Pharoh-Ra, they’re coming from “Mythic you owned” replacement rule in Explore.

However, some mythics appear even if you don’t own them on the opposing enemy team such as Gargantuar. I had to fight him in Suncrest and unless Gargantuar is suddenly a Suncrest Mythic, I don’t see why he was there (I don’t own him so…)

Are you sure it’s not Shantang? As Gargantuar do appear in Shantang’s Get the Point challange.

If it’s really Suncrest, then when did that happen? Another rule for Explore’s troop replacing is “Event troops” rule. So Gargantaur can appear everywhere in any weeks that give 10%/20% boost to Daemon/Orc type or Grosh-Nak event week, even if you don’t own him.

Mythics of any kingdoms can’t appear in their own kingdoms except they actually appear in kingdom’s questlines/challanges, or they’re following that 2 rules.

If all of the above rule are not applied, then please post a screenshot to show us. It might give more info to more hidden rules, or become a key to solve random Gnomes-in-explore mystery.

Must of been Shentang then… thought maybe it was Suncrest but that was about a week ago and went to many different kingdoms for different traitstones. However, when I was new to the game and did a few explores after finishing off Broken Spire, one of the explores had a mythic knight (I believe Champion of Anu but could have been Gard’s Avatar… sure it was the first one though).

I don’t know if it was a knight or human or divine bonus week or something like that but that was over 4 months ago (Yikes… been playing that long) and neither of the two appear in the challenges or questlines to my knowledge.

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I’ve had literal treasure appear in my explores…
1hp, 1 armour, 0 attack 0 magic. Amazing!