Exploration rewards

Mobile Issue, Android

Since I unlocked difficulty level 8 during exploration, during the first 4 fights before I can face the Mini-Boss, I have no mythical stone that appears in my end-of-fight awards.
By cons, I have this reward when I defeat the mini-boss

Not sure if I’m reading this correctly but you are only supposed get mythstones for the mini-boss fight, not for any of the four fights leading up to it.

You’re sure about that ?
From difficulty 1 to 7 i get mythstones from fight 1 to 4 AND mini-boss

That’s definitely not what’s supposed to happen, could you post a screenshot showing the fight and rewards?

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Unfortunately i don’t have screenshot. I was thinking it was OK so i don’t take screenshots
And when rewards suddenly stop i took them but for bad reason it seems…

finally i had more than expected you think ?

This is the number of Mythstones you are supposed to receive within Mini-Boss battles:

So, yes, if you also got those for each fight leading up to the Mini-Boss you got more than expected. Does it still happen when you select difficulty 1 to 7 or is it no longer happening at all?