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Does exploring only give out minor traitstones now?

I’ve been collecting runic traitstones to open up traits for my hero, exploring kingdoms to do that. It worked fine until today. I explored 6 times today and every single one resulted in a minor tritstone. I tried different kingdoms, weaker teams, but every single one got me a minor traitstone.

Explore mode is still giving a variety of all traitstones for me.

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While it still giving a variety of stones, I’ve noticed that recently minor stones are being dropped more commonly. It’s very frustrating when you explore and keep getting the same minor stone of which you have 400 already.

I’ve been farming what everyone is short of - Minor Fires - and have found that they come more frequently than the other stones but I still get a variety of each level of stone.

The chances of this happening are a titch worse than 1 in 60. Your experience is well within the range of normal probability. If you’re still seeing this after 18-20 matches, we might have a problem.


We haven’t touched Explore mode in any way. It could be a run of bad luck.


I’ve been grinding Grosh-Nak for over a week trying to get Lava Traitstones. I’ve turned up 3 and getting awful tired of explore.

I’ve gotten 3 this morning. I find the grind is much less boring if I target 2 or 3 different arcanes at once and rotate through those kingdoms.

Right now I’m doing a circuit and changing kingdoms every time I get an arcane…

By the way, I’ve gotten 4 arcanes this morning already doing it this way.

So, four days in and 20-30 explores. 1 arcane, 3 major, and the rest minor.

Does the game punish over exploring by reducing your chances of getting better than minor if you explore to much?

No, I don’t think so.

I’ve been playing Explore several hours a day the last few days and I’ve gotten tons of runics and arcanes.